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All you need to know about moving abroad

All you need to know about moving abroad

One day you wake up and there it is – a sudden thought that changes everything. You are tired of chasing the American dream. It just seems boring now. But who wants a boring life? You need a challenge. An adventure. And just like that, a new dream was planted into your mind – moving abroad!

More and more Americans are deciding to step out of their comfort zone. We have started seeking new experiences, something to break up the mundane. That has naturally led us to the desire to leave the States behind, at least for a little bit.

But why? Why do so many people opt for a life abroad, rather than something else? Why are we eager to face the unknown with all its risks? And what are we forgetting along the way? Let’s take a dive into human psychology to figure these questions out!

Has moving abroad become mainstream?

We may talk about moving to a different country as much as we want, but is it actually that common? Let’s first say that there is not much data on overseas Americans. However, the number is said to be around 9 million. In other words, close to 3% of the population lives beyond the border.

That number seems small, right? It is actually not. We just need to see it from a different perspective. In the last 20 years, the American population has grown by 20%. Now contrast that with the Americans overseas, whose number has doubled or even tripled during the same period.

Obviously, there is a trend here. Younger people no longer feel as attached to the States and the American dream. Even some older folks have started seeing the appeal of going to a different country. So we can safely say that even if living abroad is not currently mainstream, it is definitely getting there. Why though?

What are the reasons to move abroad?

I have already said that living overseas is kind of a challenge for people. We see it as our gateway to a more interesting life. However, one could argue that such changes can happen everywhere.

You do not necessarily need to leave the States. You can move across the country. You can start a new job. Maybe even try launching a business. And yet there something about the life beyond the border that is more appealing.

Yes, you can have some degree of change here in the US as well. But just how much is it? After all, you will still be living in a familiar environment. People will speak your native language, you will have your regular cuisine. These things make it easy to get way too comfortable once again.

Then you move abroad. Even if English is the main language of your new country of residence, you still get to communicate differently. There are various accents, local expressions, figures of speech you have never heard. It is a whole different English out there.

Of course, going to a place where nobody speaks your language is even tougher. By that point, you will definitely be pushing yourself. And perhaps that is just what you are looking for, even if you are not aware of it. And there is an explanation for that as well!

Your brain craves the change

If you are looking for rational reasons to live abroad, you can find many. Maybe you want to experience a different culture. Or you want to travel and see the world. Perhaps you just want to enjoy a change of pace. But beyond all that there is an underlying reason that pushes you to do it without you knowing it.

There is this notion that people do not like change. The truth, however, is a bit different. While it is difficult to change your behavior, the same cannot be said about your circumstances. Can you even imagine what your life would be if you did not seek something exciting on a regular basis?

You go to the movies, you take a vacation, maybe you even play video games. All these things are enjoyable because they take us away from the ordinary. Well, sometimes the ordinary is… everything.

Without challenges, your brain cannot continue improving. Even worse – you do not really get a sense of satisfaction. Do you know why you actually get pleasure out of achieving something difficult? That is your brain’s way of telling you that pushing forward is the right way to go. Because moving abroad is fun and all, but there are actual physical and psychological benefits to it.

Why moving abroad is good for you

If the subjective reasons move overseas are not enough, you will be glad to know that there are some objective ones as well. For example, it is a known way to relieve stress. Putting yourself in such an unfamiliar environment stretches your abilities. That, in turn, leads to improvement – kind of like growing your muscles. You get used to tough situations. And you get better at dealing with them.

Additionally, moving abroad improves your job performance. This is not to say that you should immediately go to your boss and tell them how you will be a better employee if you live in France. Yet it can indeed help you find a new passion for your job, gain better focus and also fuel your ambition for further career development.

If you want you can search a bit online to find plenty of other benefits. However, there is also a not-so-fun-side to the whole thing. While going to live overseas can be an exciting thought right now, you should not jump straight to it, before you know certain things. Let’s see what these are!

The unexciting details about moving abroad

Do you want to experience a new culture? Of course. But are you prepared for the culture shock? Do not be so sure!

Visiting a country on vacation is one thing. Living there is completely different. Even in a place like Europe, you can still find yourself totally incapable of handling all the strange little things, at least in the beginning. Yes, there are plenty of similarities between European and American cultures, but the differences are not small either.

That being said, there is also a way to prepare for the culture shock. For starters, do not go to the new place with the idea to jump head-on into everything. Take in the new things piece by piece. Learn more about the culture beforehand. And make sure to learn the language as well (or the nuances, if it is English).

And then come the logistics

Let’s say you have already decided that living abroad is your thing. Now you have to actually get there. At this point, you definitely need to find as much information as possible on all the little residency details.

For example, you may need a work permit. There are countries, in which you cannot work, unless you are explicitly allowed to do it. Some are more open to newcomers, why others require you to try harder.

The relocation is also a challenge in and of itself. The easy way about it is to just get a plane ticket and hope for the best. Yet if you want to take things with you, you will probably need to work with a moving company. That means you will need to have a savings plan to pay for that. And then comes the question of your vehicle…

Taking your car with you

Let me ask you – are you even planning to take your ride with you? You may have never thought about it. Or maybe you are just thinking that the easier way would be to just get a car once you get to the new place. However, that may not be the best choice.

Firstly, buying a new car is not always easy. Some countries in Europe are notorious for having severe taxes on new vehicles. Even without the taxes, the vehicles there are more expensive in general. Actually, this applies to most countries in comparison to the States.

Secondly, your car can be your special thing when you get to your new home. It will be the one tether you have to your American self. There are not many things that embody the American spirit as much as our vehicles. So it makes sense to take your cherished ride with you, or to at least consider it.

Finally, it is just not that hard. You simply need a good car shipping company, which is able to take you through the process of transporting your car overseas. We from Corsia Logistics can do that for you. If you want to learn more we will be happy to tell you about it. Just give us a call on (818)850-5258, or contact us through our online form.

So will you make the move?

As you have learned, moving abroad can be the best decision of your life. It has the potential to help you discover a new part of yourself, or maybe to help you reconnect with a passion you have lost long ago.

Yes, there are things about it that are not that pleasant. The initial process may indeed be tough with not much fun to it. However, remember that the move itself is just a one-time thing. The adventure starts afterwards. Are you going to embark on it?

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