5 most comfortable sedans for long-distance travel

August 4, 2016
Juxhina Malaj
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Although the common wisdom is that summer is the road trip season, the travel bug can bite at any time. And to help you plan your journey, we’ve selected five most comfortable sedans for long-distance travel.

The result is a range of cars that offer the most comfort. After all, there is nothing more annoying than back pain after a long day in a driver’s seat or even passenger’s for that matter. Every car in our selection comes with an extra benefit – it won’t break your bank.

The most comfortable sedans for long-distance travel

Nissan Altima

Four-door Nissan Altima sedan, which can easily accommodate up to 5 people, is well known for its zero-gravity seats that can comfortably accommodate a variety of body types. According to the automaker, there is a lot of science behind the zero-gravity seats.

“They’re inspired by the weightlessness of space. In a weightless environment, the human body assumes a neutral spinal posture—a natural position where the least amount of stress is placed on our bones and joints, so we’re less likely to become tired.”

Your entire family can comfortably ride in a new Altima for a base price of around $25,025. With its spacious interior and tons of modern tech, this car will surely make you feel like you are already home as soon as you get in. For a little over $1300 and better handling, you can add an all-wheel-drive option.

Toyota Camry

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This large, fuel-efficient sedan will take you on an epic road trip for a starting price of $25,380. Camry now comes in a hybrid version; but the entire lineup – from the basic model to more upscale iterations – shows impressive efficiency.

There is plenty of cargo space in both the trunk and cabin. So don’t feel guilty about bringing an extra pillow and snacks for the road – there’s enough space for everything.

When it gets to handling, not all Camry models come with an AWD, but you can add it for $1400. Also, driver assistance technology is standard across the entire Camry lineup.

Volkswagen Passat


It’s true, this German brand garnered a reputation for lackluster design and amenities. The Passat’s exterior is rather conservative next to the flamboyant likes of Camry or Altima, and the interior remains minimalist. However, the model compensates for the lack of character with a spacious interior, which makes it a perfect family sedan.

It has also earned excellent safety scores. Automatic emergency braking, blind-spot detection, rear-spot traffic alert, and satellite radio are standard on all newer models. The subtle sedan will take you comfortably on a spin across the country for the sensible base price of $23,915.

Hyundai Elantra Limited

Image: hyundaiusa.com

Unlike our previous contender Passat, Elantra Limited looks rather bold. Its road handling abilities are also quite satisfactory. A smooth ride is guaranteed thanks to suspension tuning. An extensive list of driver-assistance technology features will keep you and your travel companions safe.

The latest infotainment and connectivity features will make sure you stay on course while keeping your passengers entertained. This limited edition Hyundai also features dual automatic climate control that allows you to create your own microclimate for comfortable travel conditions.

The Elantra is another reason why you should believe that luxury can be affordable. You can buy it new for $23,730.

Honda Civic


are you ready to go 85 mph

It’s fun; it’s practical, it’s diverse. What else can you ask for? A gamut of latest tech and safety features to choose from. For those who appreciate a little thrill – a turbocharged version is available. And if you want to feel more in control, go for the six-speed manual.

The interior is rather roomy with clever storage cubbies throughout the cabin; trunk space is also generous. Honda Sensing, which is standard on the newest models, offers a host of driver-assistance features to ensure the safety of every traveler in the car. The base model starts at $20,955.

These are our five picks for the most comfortable sedans for long-distance travel. I am sure there are many cars out there that also qualify as great options. For instance, if you want to step it up a bit and go for an electric vehicle, check out our post on choosing an EV. Do you have a suggestion of your own? Share with us in the comments below.

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