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Is shipping a car safe? What to expect at pick-up and delivery!

Is shipping a car safe? What to expect at pick-up and delivery!

!Living in a world where your identity can be stolen with just a click is scary. It is understandable that most of us are trying to be more careful in every move we make, online especially. At some point in your life, you might have to relocate and if you own a vehicle, you will have to relocate it as well. Making one wrong decision without enough research could be disastrous. Take for an example picking the wrong shipping company. You never hire a company without first doing research.

While trying to make the right move, questions like “Is shipping a car safe?” or “Is shipping by air the right choice?”, “What type of transport should I choose?”, “Should I drive it myself?” or “How much does it cost to ship a car?” will ring in your head until you get your answers. But don’t worry too much! If you already know your budget and how fast you want it to be delivered, the options will become clear and you will be able to choose.

Consider your options

• If you need to transport your car within the city or the state limits, you can very easily drive the car yourself, or ask someone you trust to do you the favor. There is no need to hire an auto transport company for short distances. This way you will save money and maybe time too.

• If you need your vehicle to be transported across the country or across the ocean as soon as possible, shipping it by air might be the right option. Keep in mind that this is the most expensive option. If you don’t mind the costs, then go ahead!

• When you need to ship your car across the country, the standard option is hiring an auto transport company. It will not be as fast as an airplane delivery, but you will save a lot of money compared to air transport, and it is just as safe.

When you are done researching call the companies you have decided on and speak to a logistics expert to learn about your options. Once you know what is the right option for you, you should learn more about how to prepare a car for shipping. You need to know what to expect at vehicle pick up and delivery.

Let’s start with safety.

Hiring an auto-transport company to ship your car requires you to do research in order to find a reliable and trustworthy auto shipping company. There are many companies out there that take advantage of people desperate to ship their vehicle as soon as possible but haven’t done their homework. And believe it or not, there are still some people who become scam victims, and under scam, in most cases we mean price deceptions.

The right price will ship your vehicle in a timely manner, the wrong price is a scam that will not deliver the service you are supposed to receive.

So how can you make sure the company you hire is safe?

1- Plan and research
3- Verify USDOT and FMCSA licenses
4- Request a few quotes
5- Ask questions, demand information
6- Compare your top options and choose

Do not just stop on the first page of Google. It is not research! A smart decision is based on information and Google has it – it is simply not only on the first page.

What to expect at vehicle pick up and delivery?

Customers usually have high expectations whatever service or product it is that they require, and pay for. And this is how it should be! When you pay for something you expect to receive what you have paid for. So, the old saying is valid here – you get what you paid for.

Be careful and choose wisely. Your choice precedes your expectations and it is what will affect them after all because it is you who have chosen the said company. Your choice will affect your experience at vehicle pick-up and delivery. Here is what to expect at pick-up and delivery.

Understand how auto transport with professional companies works.

1. First, you should request a car shipping quote online or by phone.
2. The second step is to disclose details about the vehicle – make, model and modifications.
3. Then a logistics expert schedules your shipment based on your desired shipping dates.
4. After the administrative part, a carrier picks up your car one to a few days from your first available date.
5. Remember, the carrier must complete an inspection report before loading your car!
6. The transit time depends on the distance – your agent will inform you of estimated delivery time.
7. At delivery, the carrier must inspect the vehicle again and unload it at your door.

Keep the things you need close, but keep the most important things closer!

Do not leave important documents and valuable items inside your car. The car is going to be driven on and off the trailer, by the truck driver because he needs to make space for other cars and more importantly arrange the loads correctly for his weight limits. While doing the loading and unloading things may get lost.

It is simple, do not risk it and keep important documents and valuable items on you. I would advise the same with household items, if you are moving. The most valuable items never go in the boxes designated for the truck. I don’t say this is common, but things happen and you just should be extra careful. It will bring you nothing but security and peace of mind.

Attention! Inspection ahead.

If you are asking yourself why this suggestion is even in here, let me explain. The inspection part of the shipping a car job is very important. Any reliable and trustworthy auto transport company will inspect the car at the pickup and delivery.

Nevertheless, that does not mean you cannot get in there and make sure no one is trying to fool you. You should in fact inspect your automobile alongside the truck driver and make sure he or she marks down anything visible on the car.

The vehicle is supposed to be delivered to you in the same condition it was when the company picked it up. So that is why you need to inspect it thoroughly and check for any damages when the carrier picks it up. In case you are not present at pick-up it is recommended to have someone else be present when the truck driver inspects and loads the automobile.

So, “Is shipping a car safe? What to expect at pick-up and delivery!” I hope I calmed your nerves and you learned a bit about car shipping safety and what to expect at pick-up and delivery. Around 90 percent of people who hire auto-transport companies are first time shippers, so, if you are shipping your car for the first time, you are not alone!

You just have to keep in mind our advice and carry on with the process. Make a checklist if you need to. It will help you stay on track and avoid any unpleasant surprises. As long as you stay away from low-ballers, plan ahead, do your research, ask questions and choose the right auto transport company, safety won’t be an issue and you will be prepared and with peace of mind.

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