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Interesting Car Carriers Names

Interesting Car Carriers Names

Hauling vehicles across the country is a serious business. Most drivers out there will tell you that it takes some sweat and precision when it comes to loading and unloading a vehicle and driving a 7 or 10 car carrier truck. Transporting other people’s vehicles is serious matter that requires expertise and courage. It is not a job everybody can do. Yet here and now we will look at some interesting and maybe funny car carriers’ names, and try to decipher what’s behind the choice of every name. And I do this with no offence meant whatsoever!

The only reason I do it is because I want to try to find the funny side of this difficult job and I am pretty sure some carriers have chosen their names exactly for this – to make the job more fun. Again, no offence is meant at all. We work with many of these carriers and they are great!

Boomstick – This one is very interesting auto transport company name to begin the list with. I wonder whether they have been inspired by the movie “Army of Darkness” maybe they think of their trucks as their boomsticks in the never ending road war!

Strawboss – I am not sure what to say about this one. It makes me think about strawberries first, and then about straws and then about an ex boss. It does evoke some mixed feelings.

Catch A Ride – Hey, if you need to catch a ride they are here to help. I mean, these folks can most likely offer a ride to any vehicle!

Cat Transport – Ahh this one is kind of funny, don’t you think. I mean they are hauling vehicles and the name says Cat Transport. Oh, well you can probably ship your cat with your car. Not bad of a deal!


Plan B Transport – Now that’s an interesting name for a transport company. We always tell our customer you have to have a Plan B!


Running Naked – Now this is really a funny one. Why would one name its business Running Naked? My guess would be that the employees simply do it – they run naked! And then you need the plan B option.

D’Rose – I wonder whether they are transporting cars or roses, or maybe vehicles for them are like roses. Hopefully, they don’t give the cars they transport as gifts.

DBest Transport – Well you never know who is the best, we talked about the best auto transport companies once and its very hard to categorize, but these guys surely think they are.

Dr Auto Transport – Now after all, whatever happens there is a doctor for that! Dr. Auto Transport is here to help you rescue your car (for example from freezing in the North, by transporting it to the South!).

Efficient Transportation – You have to know that they are efficient, it’s in their name!

G Force – and here comes the force! From Wikipedia: g-force (with g from gravitational) is a measurement of acceleration felt as weight. The g-force acceleration acts as a multiplier of weight-like forces for every unit of an object’s mass, and (save for certain electromagnetic force influences) is the cause of an object’s acceleration in relation to free-fall.
Sounds a bit scary, hopefully nothing falls free with them.

G-Hit – Hmm hopefully they have not experienced the g-force and have never been hit on the road or elsewhere.

G-Diamond – They must be shiny and reliable like diamonds!

MAG Haul – Sounds a bit like magical haul and there is probably magic in the auto transport business. Yes there is. We often feel like we are performing magic tricks to accommodate our customers.

In God I Trust – This is a good one, we respect them for that… don’t you.

Xclusive Trans – Obviously they are trance music fans!

M & M Motors – and they are located in the town called Walnut, it’s just a bit funny don’t you think? They probably treat their customers to M&M’s.

M Way Transportation – kind of sounds like my way or no way, yet they probably don’t mean that right!

More Auto Transport – Ahh they are probably a bit greedy they want more and more cars to transport.

Safe Auto Transport – After all, after the doctor, after the fall, after the fun all we need is a safe auto transport service right!

And now these are just a few more I found and wanted to share. If you have ideas what’s behind the name of any of these companies I listed, please share your thoughts. I am very happy to have found such names, which show that the people behind these companies are surely creative.

BAM Transport
Ride-A-Way Vehicle Transport
A Ok Auto Transport
A to B Auto Logistix
Bab Trucking – At first I thought Bob, bot no, it’s not Bob it’s Bab!
USB Export or C D Trucking

Now if you need to learn more about the auto transport please refer to our car shipping questions (FAQ) section and browse our website. For car shipping rates please call or request an auto transport quote online. Thank you!




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