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How much does it cost to ship a classic car?

How much does it cost to ship a classic car?

Classic cars have high material and sentimental value for enthusiasts and collectors. Therefore, if you need to bring your newly acquired classic ride home from an auction, or take it to a car show, we highly recommend you ship it with an experienced car transport company.

What factors affect the cost to ship a classic car?

Various factors play into the final cost of shipping a classic automobile. To give you an idea of how we calculate the price, we need to look into the specifics of shipping a classic car.

Safety should be the most important criteria to have in mind, as you choose not only the classic car shipper, but also the type of service.

Shipping a classic car tends to be more expensive because such vehicles require custom handling and extra protection. Let’s see how each variable affects the classic car shipping cost.

Type of carrier – Which should you choose?

You will have a choice between open and enclosed carriers. To protect your classic car from potentially damaging road and weather elements, we recommend shipping it in the enclosed carrier. Most of these trailers are designed to safely haul 5-7 vehicles at a time. Enclosed carriers are usually more expensive due to extra protection, higher insurance coverage, and reduced availability.

If you don’t want your car to share space with other vehicles, inquire about a single-car trailer. It is a costlier service, but considering the high value of your classic vehicle, paying extra to guarantee its safety may be a good decision.

However, If you are looking for a less expensive option, you can opt for the top load on an open carrier. Being on the top deck protects your car against any possible leaks from other vehicles and offers better protection from flying road debris.

Delivery time – How fast do you need your car?

How flexible are you with time? Do you need your car to be delivered urgently, on a specific date? In that case, consider expedited shipping. The higher cost of this service guarantees delivery on your requested dates. It is often used by classic car owners shipping their vehicles to shows and auctions.

Vehicle model and condition

As a rule of thumb, the larger and heavier your vehicle, the more it will cost to ship it. The vehicle’s condition is also an important factor when determining the cost of shipping. If your classic car is not running, special equipment is required for loading and unloading onto the carrier trailer, which implies an extra cost.

Distance and location

Another rule of thumb: the longer the shipping distance, the higher the shipping costs. In addition, your destination proximity to more frequented routes by car shipping carriers will impact your car shipping costs. Shipping to and from remote locations presents a logistical challenge, which, in turn, adds to the cost of auto transport.

Supply and Demand

The final cost of shipping is determined by the supply and demand situation on any given route. Supply and demand are influenced by weather conditions, seasonality, and fuel prices, among other factors. As supply and demand change daily, tracking these fluctuations is vital for calculating a realistic price that will ship your car safely, efficiently, and on time.

At Corsia Logistics, we know how much your classic car means to you, and our dedicated team of experts is inspired to deliver it safe and sound to a destination of your choice. To ask questions or request a quote, call us at (818) 850.5258 or chat with us online. Thank you!

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