Happy 2020

December 31, 2019
Vasilka Atanasova
shipping car california

Keep moving

Today, as 2019 winds down to a close, we take a moment and reflect on the past 364 days. We define and redefine our truths, our actions, our desires, and our goals. We conclude a cycle and we look forward to the next one hoping it will be different. The most important is, of course, that we keep moving.

And we all keep moving because it is innate to us – to move, to grow, and to change. With that comes the realization of the importance of the environment we inhabit. At some point we understand it is as important as breathing, for us to stay true to our human nature, to keep moving and changing. As one of our newest team members, Elena, said:

“The grass sometimes IS greener on the other side!

And this means that if you want to grow, if you want green grass, you have to fix your environment. Nothing grows and blooms in a polluted environment. Go to the other side by fixing yours.

Choosing a direction

To find that place or to build that space, you have to choose the right direction. Even if that means going where there is no path and no road. My favorite saying is,

“A path emerges when you start walking.”

And this has been my truth for years, and it has helped me find the direction that makes all the effort worth it. You don’t know it at first, of course, and you feel lost frequently, but in the end you just feel good. And we all know that this is the goal, this is what we desire and what we need – to feel good.

The pursuit of feeling good

We all have different versions of what it means to be happy, but we all know when something feels good. It feels good to smile and spend time with people who make you smile; it feels good to learn new things, to see new places and meet new people. Sometimes, it is all about absorbing one new skill, one new person or a new place that shows us the right direction. As our colleague Marti said today, “This year I learned to ship cars, and it feels good.” We truly hope we have given him a new direction and something that makes him feel good!

Now, open up that bottle of champagne, or make yourself that favorite cup of tea, relax, and tell yourself the truth. Maybe, as our senior logistics expert Peter said: “Only the drunk and children tell the truth, but at least there is a way to tell the truth.” Just close your eyes and go back in time, go back to your roots as this is often the only way to find your truth. We don’t need to be drunk, but having a glass of wine or two that may help!

Happy 2020 from Corsia Logistics’ team of humble people who move forward every day doing their best to find direction, and who helped hundreds of people in 2019 find their new direction and life by shipping their cars!


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