Fran Cosmo’s car shipped by Corsia Logistics

June 27, 2014
Vasi Atanasova

We shipped his son Francis’s car and then he recommended us to his father. And so we shipped Fran Cosmo’s car.

Who is Fran Cosmo some of you may ask? Well, I asked myself this question as well. And that’s why I decided to tell you a bit about him.

He is a musician who was first featured with Barry Goudreau solo album in 1980. This was before the formation of Orion the Hunter in 1983. The band released an album in 1984 with Columbia Records and they opened for Aerosmith that same year.

Ten years later Fran Cosmo was featured as the solo lead vocalist on the platinum album “Walk On” for the rock band Boston. The other vocalist for the band was Brad Delp and they worked together. Later, in 1997, Cosmo was featured on two of the songs of Boston’s “Greatest Hits” album. In 2002 his role was even bigger as he sang lead vocals in five of the album’s songs and played guitar on one track as well.


You can find more about him here:

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