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Corsia Logistics Customer Review – Customer Story

Corsia Logistics Customer Review – Customer Story

We had to share this one! We are very proud of the hard work we do every day and just recently one of our customers decided to share his whole car moving story. And so we decided to share it with you here!

 “I just shipped my Land Rover LR2 from the San Francisco Bay Area to Northern Virginia via Corsia Logistics, and the overall experience was GREAT. Allow me to explain why.

Two months ago I moved from California to Virginia, but my girls were still in school, so I moved out ahead of the family. We have two cars, but my wife needed one, so I shipped my car out first. A few people recommended Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS), so I called them up and made a reservation.

DAS estimated that it would take 2 weeks, but I would have to drop the car off at their terminal in Livermore (the middle of nowhere and 40+ miles from my house), so I ended up paying a taxi an extra $100 to drive me home. Then I flew out to Virginia and waited, and waited, and waited.

The car finally arrived three weeks (to the day) after I dropped it off, but I had to go to their terminal in Manassas to pick it up (again, middle of nowhere, 40+ miles from my house). Fortunately a friend was willing to sacrifice several hours of his Saturday, and he drove me out to their facility. The car was clean, and there were no problems other than being one week late, which, by the way, cost me an additional $200 because I had to extend my rental car for a week.

When it came time to ship our second car one month later I couldn’t afford to wait three weeks, so I decided to do my homework and read the reviews on all the major shippers. Everything pointed to Corsia Logistics. Not only did they have good reviews, but their door-to-door price was cheaper than DAS’s price, and that doesn’t even include the taxi and rental car charges or lost time. On top of that, they promised the car within one week. I have to admit I was a little skeptical, but after talking to Luke on the phone, I decided to go with Corsia, and boy am I glad that I did.

I booked the appointment on a Friday, and the following Monday the driver called me to let me know he would be at my house between 10-12 the next day. The shipper was Eric’s Express, and Tony (the owner and driver) showed up exactly as promised. We did a quick inspection, he loaded the car by himself, and we were done in less than 20 minutes.

Fast forward a week, and Tony called me to let me know that he would deliver my car at my house between 9-10am the next morning, and just as he promised, he was right on time. Technically, the whole process took less than a week–it took 6 days and 22 hours to be exact–but that is still two weeks faster than DAS. Best of all I paid less and I didn’t have to go anywhere to pick up my car–they came to me both times! My car was clean (Tony said there was a rain storm in Iowa), and it was on time. I couldn’t be happier. If anyone ever asks me who to ship a car with I will tell them Corsia Logistics!”

George Kellerman

You can find the original review on Corsia Logistics Google + page.

If you would like to read more customer reviews please visit our Google + page or or just Google us and you will find all of our profiles online. And if you need a car shipping quote please hit the get a quote button or use the website navigation to go to the quote form.Thank you!

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