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Car shipping quote without personal information

Car shipping quote without personal information

Where does the auto transport process begin? It starts with a car shipping quote. What is the best way to get a quote? In today’s tech-enabled world, you can conveniently request a quote online. What information do you need to supply to receive a price quote? What are the factors that will determine the final cost to ship a car?

To get a quote online, you will be asked to fill out a simple quote form. It will help the auto transport company to create a precise estimate for the transport of your vehicle.

You will need to provide the following information:

      1. Exact pick up location – zip code or city and state name.
      2. Exact delivery location – zip code or city and state name.
      3. Make, and model of your car and any modifications done.
      4. Your vehicle’s condition – whether it is running or not.
      5. Type of auto transport – open or enclosed car carrier.
      6. Your name, e-mail or a phone number – so you can receive a record of your price quote.
You should not be required to supply any more information than that in order to receive a quote to ship a car.

Factors that affect your car shipping quote

Hiring a car hauler is an important and often an expensive service. Having a detailed car shipping estimate is essential when planing your budget. To help you understand your auto transport quote, let’s look in more detail at how this estimate is built.

We need to discuss the factors that affect the auto transport price.

Distance and location

Distance is an important factor that plays a significant role in the cost of shipping any vehicle. As you may have guessed, usually the longer the distance, the more expensive the shipping will be. Yet the distance alone does not determine the cost of shipping. This in a way cancels out the idea that distance alone determines the price.

Pick up and delivery locations also matter. Generally, you get a better rate if you ship to and/or from a major city. Popular destinations and routes give truckers more opportunities to fully load their carriers, and since more auto haulers travel on popular routes, customers can get better rates.

Most truckers don’t fancy going to rural areas, especially if only one vehicle needs to be picked up, therefore, be prepared to pay a higher rate if this is your case. Sometimes moving your car over of 2000 miles away, all the way across the North American continent, is not going to be the most expensive service due to supply and demand fluctuations.

Vehicle make and model

The FMCSA sets rules that determine the total weight for every car carrier at any given time. Auto haulers will usually try to get the most out of these imposed weight limitations and load as many vehicles as possible. Therefore, vehicle make and model matter because it gives general dimensions and weight of the vehicle.

Vehicle condition

Whether your vehicle is in a running condition or not will also affect the cost of shipping. If your car does not run, your carrier will need to have a special equipment such as winch or request a forklift to load/unload it. Using a forklift will cost more, as well as requesting a carrier with a winch installed costs more. Therefore, for an accurate car shipping estimate make sure to mention your vehicle’s condition.

Type of transport carrier

The type of carrier you choose will affect your car shipping . Open transport is the standard shipping method used for all types of vehicles. Enclosed carrier offers more protection from weather and road elements, therefore, it costs more. Enclosed, also called covered, trucks are usually used for sports, luxury and classic cars to add an extra layer of protection. Not every company offers enclosed trailers, so if this is the service you are looking for, make sure to clarify it before you enter into an agreement with an auto transporter. Review our guide about enclosed vs. open transport to understand better the difference between the two types of services.

Supply and demand

Supply and demand is probably the most important factor that determines the price of shipping a vehicle. Prices fluctuate daily based on the search demand for the service, meaning that the number of vehicles shipped on a certain route affects the price of shipping. When demand is high, customers compete for a spot on the car carrier. Those willing to pay a good, fair market price, get their vehicles shipped faster. Those who are looking to save a buck and don’t mind waiting, have a good chance of getting a discounted price. Additionaly, every year seasonality affects the cost of shipping a car on certain routes. With spring and winter being snowbirds moving season, making roads toward the southern states overly popular. And summer is usually a popular season for moving in general.

Learn more – have peace of mind

Cancellation policy

What is your carrier’s cancellation policy in case your moving plans fell through? Will a phone call suffice, or does it have to be in writing? What is the time frame to submit your cancellation request, get a refund, and avoid penalties? Ask all of these questions at the time of booking your service. With Corsia Logistics cancellation needs to be in writing via email. This is standard with most auto transport companies. Look into the company’s terms and conditions to learn all about cacellation policies and more.


Ask your carrier if insurance is included in your quote, or it’s extra. With most companies the rate always includes insurance, but you can always ask for additional options. Who will be responsible for damage to your car should something happen while your vehicle is being transported? Learn about this important part of shipping a vehicle.

Pick-up and delivery location

It is very important to figure out exact location for pick-up and drop off. Will your vehicle be picked up and dropped off at your door or at a different location? It’s not always possible for a big truck to pull up at your front door to load or unload your vehicle. In this case, pick up or delivery will be handled at a different location as close to your residence as possible. This should be arranged with the driver of the truck in advance.

Auto transport discounts

Don’t forget to inquire about discounts. Some auto shippers offer military and student discounts, as well as multiple vehicles shipping discounts. As we mentioned, you can often receive a discounted rate if you are flexible with your shipping dates. Discuss your budget and shipping preferences with your agent to learn about all your options.

Corsia Logistics quotes are manual – we do not employ any software to calculate car shipping prices. This manually quotting reflects current supply and demand market conditions and delivers the most accurate prices.

Every car shipping order is unique, and this is how we treat it, always striving to provide our customers with the best possible rate that suit their specific needs. Moreover, we only work with licensed and insured auto carriers to ensure your car is in good hands once it’s been loaded. To ship your car with Corsia Logistics, request an online quote or give us a call at (818) 850-5258 to speak to one of our experienced logistics cinsultants. Thank you!





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