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Car Shipping Deals

Car Shipping Deals

Negotiating your car shipping deal doesn’t necessarily mean you will always get what you want for the lowest possible price.

Remember, both sides should conclude the negotiations feeling comfortable and happy with the agreement. For a moment, put yourself in the car shipper’s shoes. At some point in our lives, we’ve all been there. Remember trying to sell textbooks you no longer need, or a car, maybe even a house? Remember negotiating a babysitting rate to watch your neighbor’s child or your salary in a job interview? At least once, each one of us sold something – a tangible object or services. And you didn’t want to get low-balled. Car transport companies are no exception. And to be able to provide you and your vehicle with quality service they also need to win (make money).

Car Shipping Deals

During car transport, you will deal with a broker and/or carrier. Some think it’s better and less expensive to negotiate directly with a carrier. Well, it’s not always the case. In fact, it rarely is. Chasing after a discount you put yourself at risk of losing the most precious commodity you have: time. It takes a lot of time to find a carrier who just happens to have a truck in your area ready to pick up your vehicle right away or on the date that’s convenient for you. Or is heading to your delivery destination on the date you need your car to be there.

The nationwide trucking companies may be able to pick up your car on the desired date, but will often store it in one of their terminals until they have a full load going to your target destination.

It may be wise to trust a broker with shipping your vehicle. The good broker will make sure the carrier that will transport your car is properly insured and reputable. Brokers will negotiate car transport price on your behalf and coordinate shipping dates for you.

The Going Rate

The amount carriers charge for vehicle transport from point A to point B is called the “going rate.” If the carrier is offered a going rate or higher – your car will be picked up within the promised one to five business days. How is that for a good car shipping deal?

Does it mean carriers never pick up loads that offer below going rate price? No. Exceptions also exist in this industry. Sometimes carriers need to fill up their trucks, and if they can’t find enough cars at the going rate, they pick up an offer from the bottom of the list. So if you are not in a hurry and want a chance at getting that discount, this may be your option.

It’s important to keep in mind that the going rate constantly fluctuates, which is explained by the number of reasons, like supply, demand, and competition. The rate is often affected by changes in fuel prices and seasonal fluctuations, forcing carriers to adjust to the situation at hand.

Instant Quotes

When you are looking for car shipping deals, beware of instant quotes. These estimates are helpful when you need to move your car between point A and point B on a well-travelled route. But, instant quotes don’t distinguish between the highway and rural miles. The value of an instant quote is calculated with the help of an algorithm by multiplying the number of miles by the “cost per mile.” The automated algorithm doesn’t know when your car needs to be picked up from some remote farm or a small village somewhere in the mountains. So whenever an instant quote produces a price to your liking, don’t get too excited and call the company to confirm the details.

Available Discounts

Everyone must win for you to win. Carriers and brokers both need to make money to provide you and your vehicle with the superb shipping experience. Does it mean discounts simply don’t exist in the car shipping industry? They do! But every company has its rules. Some will offer a senior citizen or student discount; you can always inquire about the multiple vehicle discounts. Many car transporters will gladly offer a price break for military personnel.

To get a quote and ship your car with Corsia Logistics, fill out our online quote request form. To see if you qualify for a discount call (818) 850-5258 to speak with one of our logistics specialists.

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