Average vehicle hauling rates

September 30, 2013
Vasi Atanasova

To predict the average prices for any service or product we have to look at the prices for the last few months. Car hauling prices depend on a few major factors. The distance and the make and model of the vehicle affect the price the most. Check out our guide on “How much does it cost to ship a car” to learn about all elements in the vehicle hauling price formation.

Snowbirds moving season always affects the prices. Thousands of people move to the southern states for the winter. This flock of people transitioning to the South increases the car shipping rates because the demand for car shipping services increases. What happens is that the auto transport carriers have many cars to choose from and they always go first for the highest price. Therefore, if you are not willing to spend some more dollars then you could wait longer for your car to get shipped.

Take a look at the average vehicle hauling rates for September for a small sedan.

Average vehicle hauling rates:

Los Angeles to Chicago      $750

Los Angeles to New York   $1000

Boston to Miami                 $750

Seattle to Los Angeles        $600

Chicago to San Francisco   $900

Chicago to New York          $600

These average vehicle hauling rates are estimates only. During the snowbirds car shipping season, prices may change. Often an auto transport price could go up in a day. We recommend to our customers to reserve their spot on the auto hauling trailer as soon as possible. We work with thousands of independent auto transport carriers across the country in order to accommodate customers’ needs. As a nationwide auto transport company, Corsia Logistics is committed to providing affordable and reliable service. Call us to talk to our relocation agents who will answer all of your questions.


For more information please visit our FAQ section where you will find answers to the most common questions, or call us directly at 818-850-5258. We will explain the auto transport process and schedule your shipment. Thank you.

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