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Auto transport straps or chains?

Auto transport straps or chains?

Each year, car shipping companies transport millions of vehicles across the state lines and internationally. It takes skill, experience, and know-how to deliver a car to its destination safely and efficiently.

Auto transport carriers are the ones responsible for the actual moving of cars, including loading and securing them on a car hauler. Which may prompt the question:

Is it better to use straps or chains for tying down a car on the trailer?

When it comes to choosing between straps and chains, many of you may have little to no idea which one is better for your car. In this post, we’ll explore and compare both options to help you understand this aspect of auto transport.

Straps vs chains: What’s the difference?

Once a carrier loads your car onto the trailer, they have to secure it, so it doesn’t move during transport. There are two options for that: straps or chains.

Tire straps may be a more expensive option, but from our experience, it’s the best. That is mainly because the damage risk when using straps is almost close to zero. Today, nylon and polyester straps are the industry standard and can be used on any size/type of vehicle. Straps are also lighter and easier to handle, and you can easily feed them in places where chains would never fit.

And although we prefer straps, it is okay to use chains for securing vehicles on a carrier trailer. Many automobile manufacturers even built their cars with a place to hook the chains. But applying chains to secure vehicles on the auto transport trailer requires special knowledge and skills that not every driver has.

Issues when using chains:

Let’s take a look at what problems may occur when the driver uses chains:

  • Applying the chains too tight

A carrier driver should be careful not to make the mistake of applying the chains too tight. Experienced drivers know that it can damage the car immensely. But if your car falls into the hands of an inexperienced carrier, it may endure permanent damage that cannot be fixed.

Tightening the chains too much may cause the frame to bend, and that, in turn, will lower the value of the car and, in some cases, will deem the vehicle “salvaged”. Furthermore, additional damage to your car, as well as other vehicles on the carrier trailer, can occur during transportation. The frame may tear away, causing the vehicle to move around.

  • Using the wrong hooks

Using improper hooks will, too, cause your car huge damage. Wrong hooks can fall out or even tear a hole in the frame of your car. This will, in turn, devalue your vehicle. The car will also move during transportation and that will cause even more damage to it and other vehicles.

  • Using the wrong holes

If the driver lacks experience using chains, it’s possible they use the wrong holes to secure your vehicle on the car hauler trailer. And as you may have guessed it, using the wrong holes can damage your car by tearing its frame, with all the consequences to follow. The car will move during transportation, which will cause additional damage.

Are the straps a better option?

Applying straps is pretty simple. We say that because drivers connect straps directly to the tires of the car. What if an inexperienced driver uses them, you ask? Even in that case, the damage that might happen to your car can be fixed very easily and will not be too hard on your wallet.

As we have mentioned in the beginning, using straps may be a tad more expensive. Although to keep your mind at peace, we recommend you choose straps over chains.

But in the end, you are the one who should make the final decision. Now that you have all the information you need about straps and chains, it is up to you to pick the right option for your car.

And if you still have doubts, you should ask your potential shipper questions. It’s important you feel confident your car is in good hands.

Let us stress again how vital it is to hire an auto transport company you can trust. Look for the shipper that has great customer reviews and complies with all legal requirements. Choose the one that offers comprehensive guidance throughout the vehicle shipping process and answers all your questions promptly. No matter how many times you ask.

Are you looking to ship your car across the country or internationally? Do you have questions or need a quote? Do not hesitate to give us a call or chat with one of our vehicle relocation experts. Corsia Logistics offers comprehensive shipping solutions to all customers. We only work with highly-experienced drivers who will make sure to deliver your vehicle intact. Our knowledgeable agents are ready to answer your questions and help you make educated choices.

Thank you!

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