Learning to appreciate wagons: 1961 Dodge Dart Seneca

June 3, 2019
Atanas Nikolov

It is fascinating how our perception of design evolves with time. Things that had been considered ugly at first, became eccentric two decades later. Then some more years pass, and the eccentric has simply become elegant.

These were the thoughts that crossed my mind when I saw one vintage station wagon. People were talking about it and complimenting its looks. They were saying how cars had amazing aesthetics back in the day. I agreed, of course, but something else caught my attention. They were admiring a wagon – a 1961 Dodge Dart Seneca, to be precise.

People in the United States do not usually drool over station wagons. If anything, we have largely forgotten about that car segment. Or have we? Could it be the case that we are opening our hearts up to wagons again?

Join me as I embark on a quest to figure that out right now. Hop in and buckle up!

Are station wagons making a comeback?

As far as car variety goes, one cannot really claim we have little of it. Sports car fans enjoy fast liftbacks and coupes, family people have their vans and SUVs. Sedans are still managing to keep their staple position on the road as well. Even mini cars have found a way to storm our culture. However, when it comes to wagons, some people do not even know what those are.

A while back I covered a modern BMW station wagon. The interesting part is that I actually found it appealing. Yet I have never expected that such a concept would catch on ever again. Imagine my surprise when I learned that it has garnered some attention.

Statistics tell us the station wagon market has seen some growth in recent years. Of course, wagons still make up only 2% of all vehicles, but we might be witnessing a shift. Could it be the case that people no longer consider this body design ridiculous?

Perhaps we have never had a problem with the concept itself. Maybe manufacturers just got sloppy with wagon design, causing us to turn our back on the whole niche. So vehicles like the vintage Dart Seneca Wagon may have always been aesthetically pleasing, and it has nothing to do with the frame itself. What else could it be then?

Dodge Dart – A rather unfortunate vehicle

Dodge Dart Seneca
Image Source: nytimes.com

If the Dart name rings a bell, that is probably because Dodge resurrected the model in 2012. Sadly though, it has nothing to do with the vintage car. I would argue that calling it “Dart” actually hurts the classic model because it makes searching for it online a serious hassle.

Nevertheless, the original Dart has a rather troubled history anyway. For starters, the design did not even come from Dodge. It came from Carrozzeria Ghia, which has done some work for other manufacturers as well. We have even credited it for one of the least interesting classic cars to date. Don’t miss our post and find out if it was really that bad.

Back to Dart, though. As the title of the article points out, today we have set our focus on the 1961 Dodge Dart Seneca model. But if “Dart” is the model name, what about that “Seneca” part? This question leads us straight to the hornet’s nest!

1961 Dodge Dart Seneca – The right car at the wrong time

The Dart had a few generations, but 1961 marks the end of the first and arguably most important one. Sadly, it was also one of the worst years for Dodge altogether. When the Dart hit the market, it did it in three available trims. They were as follows:

  • Phoenix – We would consider it the premium trim. Interestingly, it was less expensive than other models in 1959 and 1960. It even rivaled Dodge’s own high-end Polara. That made it a great choice for many during those years.
  • Pioneer – This was the mid-range trim, but it did not see that much success. Most folks saved up for the Phoenix if they wanted to step it up from the basics.
  • Seneca – Finally, we get to the basic trim. While Phoenix was decently placed in terms of price, Seneca is what people usually went after. However, it was also the trim that may have caused Dodge the most problems.

The entire Dart line was not designed with the idea to be extremely profitable. In fact, the company wanted to push the Dodge presence back on the market after a few bad years. Because of that, the automaker manufactured it at lower profit margins. But that backfired.

At some point, Dodge realized that the Dart ate at its own market. The car manufacturer had made too good of a model at too low of a price. It became the fiercest competitor to the company’s other vehicles. So much so that 87% of their entire production was the Dart.

On top of all that, 1961 was a bad year for cars in general. Dodge was hit surprisingly hard and had to cut production for one of its models. Furthermore, of all the Dart models, Seneca accounted for half the sales. That made the company’s profit margins even smaller. It also explains why the 1961 Dodge Dart Seneca is what you will most likely find if you go searching for a first-gen Dart.

So far I have told you a lot about the car’s history but mentioned little about its design. Also, if we are going to explore a vintage car, should we not look at its highest trim? Actually, I think Seneca is the trim that tells us a lot about our taste in cars. Let me explain!

Why we may like station wagons after all

At first, I thought the Seneca wagon would attract the kind of enthusiasts, who enjoy vintage muscles and like to drive them hard even today. I was wrong though. See, such people are looking for the best vehicle in a given class.

But what does this Dart wagon have to offer? It does not have the best engine, nor is it luxury. It looks a bit like a muscle car, but it cannot play the part. Plus, being a wagon is not exactly the sportiest thing in the world.

On the other hand, some people collect cars simply to admire their make. They appreciate the work that goes into crafting such a thing. They may drive the vehicle but will do so to feel it, not to push it. Just like a connoisseur of fine wine.

I believe that the Dodge Dart Seneca appeals to exactly such people. In addition to that, even folks who are not deep into the classics niche find the car appealing.

It looks slick, with old-timey fins and rounded details. Its wagon frame cannot be considered a drawback either. If anything, it makes the car look even more special. But do you know what is surprising? The wagon model was the second most popular back in the day.

Many considered it not only beautiful but also practical. Perhaps this will be the key to advancing the modern station wagons as well. When we have practical cars, which also look good, we may forgo the sedans and head for the wagons once again.

However, I also understand if you would prefer this type of vehicle to stay a remnant of the past. Maybe they are best kept as a niche thing. But at least you can enjoy a good classic, right? Well…

What are the challenges of getting a classic wagon?

If the Dart Seneca wagon caught your eye, you may be considering getting one. Be advised though – these do not run cheap. Actually, they do not run in general. I mean it is quite difficult to find one, regardless of the price.

Apparently, there were less than 28,000 such Dart Seneca wagons built. I would imagine most of them did not survive through the years. The only one I managed to find was not in top condition and still had quite the cost.

That means if you want to score such a car, you would have to hunt for it all over the States. Luckily, great deals do occasionally pop up online. And with classic car shipping options out there, you will at least not have trouble transporting it. For example, you can organize car shipping from Washington, DC to Florida without issues. Here, at Corsia Logistics, we have successfully shipped quite a few vintage cars, so we can always give you a hand if you need it.

What will the future be for station wagons?

My optimistic side thinks that wagons will have a comeback, even if a small one. People are fed up with giant SUVs, but compact cars do not cut it either. That leads me to think that station wagons have a nice spot to fill.

Do you have the same thoughts? Can you see a bright future for these vehicles? And would you ever buy one, if it looked good? Speaking of looks, remember that car Dodge designed specifically for women? We cover it in our post on Dodge La Femme: The one for the ladies – don’t miss it.

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