Visiting an Eastern European junkyard

July 14, 2016
Vasi Atanasova
european cars how many cars

Traveling in Europe is always exciting. Especially in Eastern Europe. The idea of having to watch for potholes on every turn certainly excites the senses; sometimes you even see craters on the road and you simply squint, clench your teeth, and cling to the wheel.

Apart from that, beauty is everywhere. Beauty in all its shapes. You can see beautiful people, beautiful nature, art, and historical monuments. One such gem overflowing with various forms of beauty – products of historical and engineering genius –  is a junkyard we visited.

What we found were precious old automobiles, motorbikes, radio and TV sets, clocks, wooden chests, and various other bits and pieces. For all of you auto enthusiasts, classic car and motorbike lovers, art and history aficionados, these are some artifacts we discovered. Enjoy.

Visiting a junkyard – a view from the entrance

junk-yardjunk yard cars

Classic Soviet, German and American cars sit right next to each other!

classic soviet american and german carsclassic soviet american and german carsMoskvich

A BMW Isetta – the three wheeler that holds Stalin’s head!

bmw isetta leninbmw-isettabmw-isetta-back

Motorbikes and more …


Visiting a junk yard is certainly a walk down history lane that makes you think about how much have humans created … and destroyed. From cars to sewing machines, to motorbikes and musical instruments, humans have created a lot most of which ennobles and cultivates human spirit and transforms culture. Yet, part of this ingenuity has brought destruction and hatred among people. It is a powerful realization that in human nature lies both creation and destruction. It is not what we can and can’t do, but rather what we set our minds to do that sets the direction of our lives and writes history.

Visiting a junk yard is something I strongly recommend because what lies in the past can certainly teach us a lesson and help us find a future path, and believe me a junk yard will overflow you with emotions and thoughts. Go find your junk yard now and share your experience.







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