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The 5 best truck stops in the US

The 5 best truck stops in the US

The main reason for the creation of truck stops was to provide fuel for huge delivery trucks. Over the years, truck stops in the United States began offering more services. Trucks parking, restrooms, shops, fast foods, restaurants just to name a few. Some even offer accommodations.

There are plenty of truck stops along the US roads. Huge billboards and road signs will help you locate them easily. But what is hard to find, is a good truck stop. We’ve done some legwork and found the 5 best truck stops in the US for you. They’ll offer you exactly what you need and sometimes even more!

Living on the road

Being a truck driver is not easy. A very long road demands you to be constantly aware of everything happening around you. It is taxing, especially if you are driving alone. When conquering long distances, you will have to stop a few times to rest, eat, and spend time around people. It doesn’t matter if they are total strangers. Most of them are stopping there for the same reasons as you. Enough talk though, let’s tour the best truck stops in all of America.

Iowa 80

Located in Walcott, Iowa, the 100,000 square foot stop Iowa 80 is the largest truck stop in the world. It recently won the Coolest Truck Stop in America award. So, there you have it: the biggest and the coolest truck stop in the US.

At Iowa 80, you can find anything you will need for real relaxation time. Among the services available there are a movie theater, a trucking museum, private showers, barbershop, dentist, gym, laundry facilities, and a huge restaurant that is well known for its 50-foot- long salad bar. It also offers church services on Sundays and, for 35 years now, Iowa 80 organizes the annual Walcott Truckers Jamboree.

Billy Bob’s

Billy Bob’s Texas truck stop is known for its country music concerts where big music stars perform live. It also offers house bands, bull riding, and dance lessons. It sounds awesome, right? You can definitely have quality time while resting there. Furthermore, Billy Bob’s has 32 individual bar stations, a gift shop, an entertainment facility equipped with event coordinators, and Billy Bob’s Texas Café which is open seven days a week and offers delectable real Texas smoked barbeque beef brisket.

Little America

If you are into luxury resorts, the Little America truck stop, located in Flagstaff, Arizona is the place for you. Originally Little America was designed to be more than a truck stop. It has a getaway giant 500-acre hotel with a golf course, swimming pool, gym, and conference hall, among other amenities, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a pine tree forest. Little America also has two locations in Wyoming.

As a truck driver, you can get special room discounts and you can check Little America’s gas prices online prior to arriving there. The stop also has garage services, a service station, a travel center open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the Little America Grill is open every day.

Sapp Bros 

The next best truck stop in the US is Sapp Bros, located in Sidney, Nebraska. There are also 16 Sapp Bros locations between Salt Lake City in Utah and Clearfield in Pennsylvania that provide 24-hour road service.

The Sapp Bros is well known for its superior customer service. They go by the motto: “Treat every customer as our guest by providing a clean environment, quality products, and a commitment to excellent service.”

If you ever happen to use their restroom, you will understand why they are most well known for their superior customer service. Their unusual truck stop restrooms offer granite countertops. If they are not, you can simply push a button located in the bathroom. That button will flashlight behind the cash register until the staff takes care of the problem.

Morris Travel Center 

Last but not least, Morris travel Center located in Morris, Illinois, offers various facility services such as travel stores, laundry rooms, driver’s lounges, eShop, StayFit walking trail, and more.

If you happen to be hungry while at Morris Travel center, check out their R-Place restaurant. It is one of the best truck stop restaurants in the United States. Open 24/7, it offers the finest homemade food. Including pastries, a bakery, and the exquisite 4-pound Ethyl Burger. The Ethyl Burger special was created in 1987. It was created to offer burger lovers the ultimate challenge.

Now, don’t forget to browse our trucking section. We have written about how to relieve pain and stay healthy on the road, as well as what makes a truck driver a truck driver and more. I hope this was helpful information, both to senior drivers, as well as to those new on the road. If you would like to share your favorite truck stop in the US, please let us know in the comments. Thanks!

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