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Why you should ship your BMW

Why you should ship your BMW

Speed, power and class: the three things that best describe BMW and their vehicles! The brand remains one of the few that continue to carry the authentic German car spirit.

If you own one of those beauties, or you want to, you know their appeal. BMW offers its fans something unique. However, when it comes to transporting them across the States, driving them all the way may not be your best option. Let us explore how you can transport your vehicle safe and sound!

What is the best way to transport BMW?

Ultimately, it all boils down to two options. You can drive your car to your location, or you can trust a car shipping company to transport it for you. Some other services exist (like hiring a professional driver), but they still involve driving anyway. But which one should you pick?

Driving has some pros. For example, some consider the BMW as one of the best German cars for long-distance driving. It usually has enough power for you to enjoy the interstate. And they never skimp on comfort either. If you want a road trip along with your move, then by all means drive the car yourself. That being said, you have some considerations to make.

Firstly, do you have experience with long-distance driving? It may seem straightforward, but it actually is not. Driving can tire out quickly, if you do not have a proper strategy. That increases the risk of accidents, which is why you see strict regulation for rest periods of truck drivers.

Secondly, you have to plan your trip ahead of time. By this point you will realize that a road trip does not actually come out cheaper. You will be wearing your engine out, not to mention other parts. While this would not bother you if you are driving any old car, your BMW requires a lot of care, after all. Make sure you really want a road trip, before you decide to go with that option. But what is the alternative?

Should you ship your BMW?

One of the reasons many people go for car shipping has to do with time and money. Ultimately, when you draw the line, you save up on both. With auto transport you do not run the risk of damaging your vehicle, and you will not be putting wear and tear on it.

At first glance, booking a car shipping service seems the more expensive option. However, think of all the cash you would spend on driving the car from point A to point B. Gas is just a tiny part. Add up the daily meals and the nights at the hotel that you will have to pay when you are driving yourself. Of course, you do not even consider vehicle maintenance that will likely need to come sooner. With a car shipping company you get a quote and you know the cost. As simple as that!

Another benefit to car shipping is simplicity. With Corsia Logistics you have peace of mind that your car is in good hands.  Your BMW gets the attention it deserves and you get a door to door service. There isn’t a moment during the whole journey that you will have to worry about simply because it is all planned and executed professionally. Your vehicle will be protected throughout the process.

Since BMW is a luxury brand, we recommend you pick enclosed auto transport. That type of carrier provides full protection throughout the shipping process.

How to ship BMW?

Why you should ship your BMW

Here at Corsia Logistics we believe in providing a clear service to all our clients. We want you to understand every step of the process, so you know what kind of service you are picking. Should you have any questions you can always contact us for clarification.

Once you decide you want to ship your BMW to your desired destination, this is how you start the process with us:

  1. Get a car shipping quote online or call (818) 850-5258.
  2. Schedule your shipment – set your first available pick-up date.
  3. Prepare your car for shipping – inside and out.
  4. Perform vehicle inspection at pick-up alongside the carrier.
  5. At delivery, perform inspection again, sign, and pay the remaining balance.

These five steps make up the entire process, though you may also need additional information. You can reach out to us and our logistics experts will guide you in more detail. If you are ready to start the process, simply request your free car shipping quote now!




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