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Moving to the South

Moving to the South

In the US about five million people move each year across the state lines. As a part of this move, the country has been witnessing a persistent inflow of Americans to the South.

Census population estimates show that the 16 states and the District of Columbia that make up the South saw an increase in population of almost 1.4 million people between 2014 and 2015.

In fact, this population influx can help some states gain additional seats in the House of Representatives. Texas could get up to three extra seats, Florida – two, and Arizona and North Carolina – one each after the next Census.

Moving to the South

moving from Chicago to Florida

We all know that moving is stressful. Moving across the state lines adds even more anxiety to the whole relocation process. Therefore, the payoff should be substantial.

Let’s see, who is moving and what their reasons for a permanent change of home are.

Aging baby boomers, who are moving to where it’s warmer.

People who are moving away from economically depressed places to where there’s more opportunity, for example to Texas. In fact, Texas had the biggest population gain from 2014 to 2015, an increase of 490,000 people. The state has been a magnet for job seekers from elsewhere. The development of the Eagle Ford Shale formation in the southern part is responsible for the big industrial expansion and workplace creation.

People who are moving from the states with the expensive real estate to where it’s cheaper. Californians are moving to Arizona, New Yorkers to Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. And everyone is moving to Texas.

According to a Census report, a search for jobs and more affordable housing were behind two-thirds of the long-distance moves between 2014 and 2015.

No wonder why people are flocking south. The economic growth in the Southern States has outpaced the rest of the country. Given their history of poverty and underemployment, they are motivated to be business-friendly. They often offer lower taxes, less stringent regulations, and more affordable housing.

Texas and Florida – the fastest-growing southern states

A whole lot of people have been migrating to the Lone Star and the Sunshine States.

Texas, besides being a plentiful job market, has become an attractive destination for retirees. Odessa, Lewisville, Cedar Park, Pearland, and Frisco are the five most affordable cities in the State. And no wonder, the affordable housing here is abundant. As a bonus, Texas doesn’t tax personal, interest and dividend income, which makes the state extremely attractive to those looking to lower their tax burden.

Florida gained almost 366,000 people in population growth, according to Census reports. Moreover, it continues to be the favorite destination for the nation’s retirees. The most popular Florida retirement destinations are Venice, Naples, and Fort Myers, along with Sarasota which was named the #2 best place to retire in the US.

Other southern states that witnessed growth in population are Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. People also find plenty of good reasons to move to North and South Carolina.

Not everyone is looking to move their entire household to the South. There are lots of people who choose Southern states as their temporary residence for the winter months.


While some, with the first breath of winter, switch the “hibernate mode” on, snowbirds pick up their belongings and flee to warmer places. Since snowbirds are not looking for a permanent change of home due to economic reasons, their moving patterns are slightly different. Florida, Arizona, Texas, and Southern California are considered the most popular snowbird destinations.

Many think that the snowbird lifestyle is for the rich and famous. But today, a variety of accommodations in every price bracket allows many people to live the snowbird dream.

Also, many businesses and retailers in popular snowbird destinations offer employment positions for people available only in winter. Some require only a short-term commitment, and many are part-time. So whether someone is looking to work just for fun or supplement their main income, the employment opportunity is there.

Moving South and taking your car with you

Whatever your reasons for moving South are, permanent relocation or just escaping a cruel winter, it’s likely you’ll want to take a car with you. It’s all clear with the household move. But is it really worth spending money on transporting a vehicle to a temporary snowbird destination? There is always public transport and car rental services.

Any seasoned snowbird will tell you that in many summer destinations public transport can be tricky and renting a car long-term may cost you a pretty penny. So, if you are used to relying on your vehicle most of the time, it’ll be wise to take it with you.

Whether you are relocating for good or just moving South for the winter, we, at Corsia Logistics, will be happy to assist you with your car shipping needs. If you are new to car shipping, you may find our First timer’s guide to car shipping useful. Read through our FAQ for more helpful info on car shipping.


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