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Moving to Boulder, Colorado Guide

moving to Colorado

Moving to Boulder, Colorado Guide

So you’re thinking about moving to Boulder? Well, that’s hardly a surprise. After all, it is deemed one of the best places in the US. And the sun barely takes a break there. So yes, it is completely understandable that you are considering Boulder for your next home. But do you know how to move there?

Moving To Boulder, Colorado

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences in our lives. That’s why we have decided to save you some trouble with a handful of helpful moving tips. If you learn how to avoid certain stressful situations, the whole thing will be done in no time!

Today is Boulder’s turn to get a moving guide. We will talk all about getting there and we’ll mention some notable things about the place. Just in case you’ve missed some in your research.

It’s Easy To Plan A Move

Three hundred sunny days a year sounds marvelous! Boulder’s mainly sunny weather will make any move a more pleasant experience. The city’s relatively high altitude means that it doesn’t get extremely hot even in the summer.

A lot of students move to Boulder for college, so late summer moves are not uncommon. You may get a better moving quote if you decide on a fall or early spring move.

Start Saving Up

This is a common tip around the blog, and we won’t stop mentioning it. Colorado isn’t the most expensive state to live in, but it isn’t cheap either. Even if you have everything set aside for a proper move, you will need some additional savings.

It would be best to have your first three months there covered. It will allow you to have some breathing room to look for a proper job and explore the city. However, you need to explore the job market there as soon as possible. That being said…

The Job Market – Competitive, But With A Twist

If you are not already moving to Boulder for a new job, it may be tough to find one. There are job positions, it’s just that the best ones are hard to get. Which should be expected, considering that’s what competition is.

And that’s when those safety net savings will help you. With a sufficient financial cushion, you won’t have to limit yourself to the first job that comes along. You will be able to focus entirely on scoring a good position.

Want a bit of great advice? Put yourself out there. Go the extra mile. Show them you mean business and you can deliver. If you do that, you will manage to find a good job soon enough. Alternatively, you can start your job search even before you move. This is perhaps the best thing to do. Securing a great position in advance will make all the difference.

Living in Boulder is all about life.

People there do their job because they want to live better lives. “Live to work” is not a common mentality there, rather the opposite “Work to live”. A very European-oriented mentality. It’s a great place for people whose career is not their main goal in life.

The Housing Situation

The rent in Boulder can vary a lot. Reportedly, it has the most expensive rental options in Colorado. Of course, it can’t compete with Los Angeles, but you have to be prepared.

If you are OK with picking a place outside the top neighborhoods, you can find good deals. Otherwise, you may have to spend upwards of $2000 for a two-bedroom apartment. Even a one-bedroom option can cost you quite a lot.

In any case, living there long term without a decently paying job is not really an option. However, if you embrace the mentality of working to provide for a good life, the flow will keep you going.


Most people prefer bikes as their main way of transportation around the actual town. However, it can be quite a challenge when it gets cold or snowy. Going to work all sweaty after a ride is not ideal either.

The alternatives are a personal car or public bus transportation. A lot of people prefer using the latter when they are not on their bikes (e.g. when snowing or raining). It isn’t uncommon for a Boulderite to not have a car.

That being said, a quirky thing about Boulder is a surprising number of  Subarus on the roads. You can spot them virtually everywhere. And most of them come with ski racks because skiing is quite the big thing there.

A Heaven For Small Cars

While Subaru and big cars are not uncommon, Boulder also seems to be the perfect place for small cars. Compact SUVs will work perfectly, but even your everyday “city” car will do its job just fine.

A small car will give you the option to drive to work without depending on the bus network. And even better – you can go on a retreat in the great outdoors as well. However, snowy weather may present a bit of a problem for a city car in the mountains. In any case, know your car’s capabilities and limitations.

Shipping Your Car To Boulder

You may already be excited that your vehicle will be the perfect fit for this place. Or maybe you are about to get a new one, which will work better there. Whether you are buying a new car or using your current automobile, if you are not buying one near Boulder, you will have to get it to the city somehow. You will have to ship it there! It is important to learn more about whether you should sell or ship your car to make the best decision for your case.

You have a few options:

  • Let’s start with driving the car there yourself. Driving to Boulder may turn into a quite time-consuming endeavor. It can also be quite pricey if you have to sleep at a motel or two. Add that to the fact that you will be dealing with all the moving stuff and the stress starts to pile up.
  • An alternative would be to hire someone to drive the car to Boulder for you. There are such services, but they can end up costing even more, plus any wear and tear of the vehicle are on you.
  • The third option is to use a professional auto transporter to move your car. Some people shy away from this service because they think car shipping is expensive. We know there are some misconceptions about the costs of such a service.

To find out how much it will cost to ship a car between Florida and Colorado, Colorado and New York, or any other city in the US and Boulder, fill out our online quote request. For a more personalized service call (818) 850-5258 and speak with one of Corsia Logistic’s relocation specialists.

One of the major benefits of car shipping is that your vehicle won’t be subject to any kind of wear and tear. You will only be paying for the services of transportation. No driving, no motels, no breakdown expenses. How is that for a good solution?

Things You Should Know About Boulder

Life is busy, so a lot of times proper research is not possible. We are here to do that for you. Below you will find some notable things about Colorado and Boulder in particular.

It’s A Health-Craze Place

Most of the people living in Boulder are obsessed with health. It starts with sports, food, and even everyday activities. Hiking in the mountains is a common pastime. Kale is not your veggie friend’s new favorite food – it’s the norm.

It gets the bragging rights to be called the fittest US city. But don’t think you’d be pressured into being healthy. Rather, you’d be motivated.

The Food Is Amazing

Even though most people in Boulder don’t indulge themselves in unhealthy fast food and such, they still enjoy a nice meal. Whether you are a meat-eater or a vegan, you can find a new favorite dish. There are many restaurants, which can satisfy even acquired tastes.

It is hard to walk around town without wanting to head into one of the many dining places. So why don’t you try them all? If you are a foodie, this city will be right up your alley.

And The Beer Too

Did we mention this is THE place for craft beer? Well, it’s one of them at least. Again, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t usually go along with too much alcohol, but beer is great! And Boulderites know it. There are tons of local breweries where you can find a craft beer to suit your taste.

Actually, you may run out of money before you’ve tried each beer this city has for you. Some places offer up to 20 types of craft beer. Do you need further convincing?

Embrace The Nature

In Boulder, free time is synonymous with outdoor activities. Staying home to watch TV for five days in a row is basically unheard of. You can do that, of course, but you won’t really have a company.

Since Colorado is easily the highest state, it is natural that people enjoy hiking in the mountains. There are many beautiful places, which are well worth the walk. Skiing is a favorite activity as well, although it is seasonal.

Furthermore, you can find more than 100 miles of walking trails around Boulder as well. That means you don’t even have to go outside of town to enjoy a nice day out.

Take Care Of Your Skin And Lips

Since it’s sunny 80% of the year, and it’s also high altitude, sunburns are a thing. Therefore sunscreen will become your best friend. And lip balm too, since you won’t do well without it, especially if you have problems with dry lips already.

It would be wise to stock up on the mentioned products before you move there. At least buy one of each, so you are not caught by surprise.

At Least It Isn’t Hot

Boulder is somewhat special when it comes to geography and climate. It is a great place for anybody who wants 4 seasons with none of the extremes. Temperatures don’t get super high, and the constant summer breeze feels great.

Additionally, winter waits as much as possible before hitting the city. A good part of it is actually more like late autumn.

Marijuana Is A Thing

That actually applies to Colorado as a whole, and Boulder is no exception. Buying a new bong on Pearl Street might as well be the first thing you do. But even if you are not a weed person, using the drug for recreational purposes is pretty common there, so be aware.

It’s The People’s Republic

As far as politics go, most Boulderites are leftists or at least centered. Yet, there are a lot of folks with no opinion on politics. The recent influx of middle-aged businessmen has given rise to a more republican trend as well. Still, left-wing voting is pretty much the norm.

Boulder is a special place that can be the starting point for anyone, who wants a change in life. If you want to get healthy, enjoy the outdoors, and experience life to the fullest, this is the city for you. And with our guide, you now know how to do it, too.




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