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Are you moving in the winter? Check out my tips.

Are you moving in the winter? Check out my tips.

Moving is always a demanding task. It takes good organization and good friends. Most of my moves have taken place in the winter. And here is the thing, once you start moving in the winter the vicious cycle just goes on and on.

Moving # 1

My first BIG move was international, all the way from Europe to the USA. It was relatively easy though. I had two suitcases and a backpack. It happened in the winter, in the cold month of November I landed in Chicago. The moment I inhaled the cutting cold air of the Midwest’s most amazing city, I realized I am lucky I didn’t have more stuff. It is hard to breathe in this freezing weather, let alone move. So, the less you have the easier the move right.

Moving # 2

My second move was within a few months of the first. It was local, but this time I had some furniture and a few more things. A couple of friends helped with the move and things went fairly smooth. Still, it was freezing cold outside and that was the biggest obstacle. When it’s below zero you have to move swiftly and with extra caution. The snow and the cold make the roads more dangerous, not to talk about outside stairs.

Moving # 3

The third moving was again local, and again during some of the biting cold months in the Midwest. This time I had more furniture, more clothes, more shoes … and just more of everything. I needed a moving company and there was no question about it. I called a company a friend recommended and set up the moving date. A couple of guys came over with a small truck and loaded everything in no time. I was basically moving 20 minutes away, and it was a very fast transfer. The movers unloaded my stuff easily, although it was the third floor, and I was very happy with the service. The whole transfer took about 4 hours. Unpacking and arranging everything took a few days, but the end result was making the place feel like home.

The vicious cycle of moving in the winter continued.

I had to relocate one more time, and this was the last local move for the next 3 years. This time I was prepared much better, and I had packed everything carefully. My apartment was on the 4th floor and, along with the cold weather, this was the only bad news. Thankfully, there was an elevator. I knew I need a moving company to help me because there was no way I would make my friends carry furniture and boxes down to the truck in that wet and cold month of March. Movers are professionally trained and they know how to handle this job, even in the winter. So, it was no brainer, I needed a moving company.

My local moves were a bigger hassle than my out-of-state relocation, just because the local moves were in the winter. Moving in the winter is unpleasant due to the cold weather and bad road conditions. Yet, there is one advantage to consider – it is cheaper. Moving companies are not that busy in the winter and they offer great discounts.

From winter to summer – moving across the country!

Shipping a car to California from New York

Moving across the country one would usually associate with more stress, yet it all depends on how you approach it. I moved across the country a few months ago and it was quite fun. We just decided to drive and make it into a road trip. Also, when you move to another state it’s important to really get rid of things you don’t need. I donated tons of clothes and gave away my furniture. This is how you make people happy and prepare for a fresh start. One thing I did keep was my mattress and my car. It is a good one, memory foam, king size with 10 years warranty, bought on sale! How could one give away such an investment?

My 1999 Acura CL was also just as good of investment and there was no way I would sell it. I shipped my car across the country, but there is a whole other story there you can check out here. So, anyway I had to ship the mattress and about 20 boxes, everything else was stuffed in the car. It was again during the winter, no question about it, but at least we were moving towards the warmer states.

What’s the wisdom here you might ask. Well, if you want to avoid the vicious cycle of moving in the winter then just avoid signing a lease in the winter. If you do though and need to relocate, make sure you hire a moving company. If you need to ship a vehicle call Corsia Logistics and the team will gladly explain the process and quote you. For more information, please check out our moving tips section.

If you would like to share your moving story, please do so in the comments. If you have questions let me know also there.


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