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Moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Just a few places around the world can brag about the culture so iconic as that of the City of Sin and the City of Angels. But although both places are similar in that regard, they also have many differences.

In this quick guide, we will go over the main things you need to know when moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. You will get a better idea of what to expect, so you can prepare yourself for the transition. We will also go through some logistical details, such as relocation costs and shipping a car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Is it best to live in Los Angeles or Las Vegas?

Las Vegas can look very different to people who have never lived there. With the way media portrays it, one can have quite a narrow picture of the city. The good news? It is actually much more vibrant once you get to know the details.

For starters, even though only about 270 miles away, Vegas has a noticeably different climate. You can expect the full plethora of seasons, though without much snow. And while Los Angeles has it fairly mild all year round, Vegas summers get very hot. But enough with the weather. What about life?

Even if somewhat subjective, Vegas falls a bit behind in that regard. Not because it has little to offer, but because Los Angeles just blossoms with its variety. After all, as a cultural melting pot, it just has more to offer.

Still, Sin City has its own merits. You can have a nice break from the LA chaos there, as Vegas almost feels like a small town in comparison. Though you still have all the conveniences and comforts of a bigger city.

What are the differences between Las Vegas and Los Angeles?

We have already covered some of the differences. Here are a few more examples:

1. Cost of living

Not many cities can top Los Angeles when it comes to living expenses. In that regard, Las Vegas has it quite well, being almost 30% cheaper to live there.

2. Traveling opportunities

Living in Vegas puts you closer to many other noteworthy places. You can go explore the Death Valley, Grand Canyon, and other States much more easily. Folks, who love to experience life outside the city walls, find this advantage invaluable.

3. Quality of life

Many people see Las Vegas as less stressful overall. Road rage is not as common, people are usually friendlier, and the air quality is noticeably better.

With all that said, many Angelenos feel right at home in Sin City. They may have to go through some adjustment, but nothing too drastic. If you are looking to make the transition, be sure to explore more about it on the official Las Vegas website.

How much does it cost to move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

Even though the distance doesn’t seem great (only 270 miles), the cost of moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas can exceed $3,000, depending on your situation. If you are moving out of a 2-bedroom apartment and want full packing services, expect to pay upwards of $4,000.

You can cut the expenses a bit if you decide to handle the packing yourself. It can be done, but make sure to plan in advance. Such things often take up more time than you think, especially if you do not have prior experience. Also calculate the cost of supplies, as it may ultimately come out cheaper to just hire professionals.

However, note that relocation costs vary by season. In order to get an exact quote, you should find a reputable moving company and request an estimate. Even better – find three or four companies, so you can compare the quotes.

How to ship a car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

The whole process is really simple. It all starts with requesting a free car shipping quote from an auto transport company. Keep in mind that the price you receive is valid only for a limited time, usually about a week or two. So, while a quote can give you a general idea, for an accurate estimate that reflects the most current market conditions you should request another closer to the move.

Is a car necessary in Las Vegas?

If you have only visited Vegas as a tourist, you may have the wrong impression of easily getting around without a car. Sadly, once you get into day-to-day life, you realize how much of a pain it turns out to be.

You cannot really escape having a personal vehicle there. The city is simply not compact enough for you to pull that off without driving yourself mad. Public transport exists in Las Vegas but it does not cover everything (not in a time-sensitive fashion, at least) and it can be tough to navigate. Plus, most folks like to take weekend trips, which you cannot enjoy without a car.

Review our shipping a car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas guide to learn more.


However, when you search for a car shipping company, do not base your decision solely on price. Check their reviews and the test way they communicate with customers.

To ship your car with peace of mind you need the right auto transport partner. Research and read customer reviews. Then call the companies to discover their competence and customer service level. Ask questions about how auto transport works and what is the real cost to ship a car. A trustworthy company will give you all the answers. If it is your first time shipping a car, do not worry. Corsia Logistics vehicle relocation experts will carefully study your situation and offer the best solution for you and your vehicle.

Contact Corsia at any time and our relocation experts will answer all of your questions and offer you a current market price. Request a quote online or call our team now. Thank you!


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