Moving from Boston to Los Angeles

October 10, 2019
Ina Gjika
moving from Boston to Los Angeles

History and entertainment; politicians and celebrities; sports and art; cold and hot climate; the fast and slow pace of life. These are different sides of the lifestyle spectrum. Moving from one to another may seem quite a challenge. However, each lifestyle has its merits. To make things more concrete, imagine Boston and Los Angeles.

Moving from Boston to Los Angeles, you will experience another type of vibe and a different routine.

It’s no secret that relocation requires research. So in this post, we will make your life easier with some practical knowledge about the two cities.

Boston and Los Angeles – Embrace the difference

Boston and LA have different vibes and cultures. The roots of these differences date back to colonial times when Boston was influenced by the English and LA by the Spaniards. You can still see these influence today in the building styles, types of food, or street names.

For example, in Boston, you could be drinking some English breakfast tea in Dorchester – a neighborhood named after a town in southern England; while in LA, you can savor tapas at the Ventura boulevard – short for Buenaventura, meaning ‘good luck’.

Another cultural difference is related to the pace of life. People seem to always be running for something in Boston. They are also very much into politics and, of course, sports. The New England Patriots have a lot of faithful Bostonian fans.

Los Angeles, on the other hand, has a more laid-back vibe. Art is omnipresent, which is evident in a considerable number of art museums all over the city. Also, it is not unusual to occasionally run into celebrities.

Enjoy warmer weather

On a cold snowy day in Boston, someone may comfort you that, hopefully, the weather will be warmer soon. If you happen to complain about the weather in LA though, people may even give you the “what- more-do-you-want-from-the-weather ” look. And they would be right.

For example, imagine yourself in Boston while watching Super Bowl in freezing February temperatures; while in LA, people are enjoying some June-like temperatures. Quite a contrast, isn’t it? After moving to LA, you will be experiencing warmer winters too. Well, ultimately you will have to give up the snowy Boston Christmas. But I guess you cannot have it all, can you?

Get used to longer commuting time

Due to Boston’s compact nature, you can organize many activities within a smaller radius, and often within walking distance. In LA, everything is spread out, and you will have to drive longer distances. If you are used to taking public transportation, then you will need to search in advance if what LA has to offer suits your routine.

Because of the vast area, public transportation lags behind, and most people use their own cars or the UBER/Lyft ride-hailing services. Thus, it may be more convenient for you to bring your car to LA and get used to the LA traffic.

After moving from Boston to Los Angeles, you will be referring to distances in miles, instead of minutes to get places. The good thing is that people are used to this and they will understand occasional delays because of traffic.

Prepare for changes in the living costs

Moving to LA is definitely exciting, but you should also be ready to handle a slightly more expensive lifestyle. According to the Best Places statistics from 2018, Los Angeles is 6.7% more expensive than Boston. This difference comes mostly from housing prices and rents, which in LA are 14.4% higher. When it comes to groceries, the pricing indexes do not differ much.

On the bright side, LA, a vast city with almost four million inhabitants, offers many employment opportunities. Thus, it will not be very difficult to ensure a good income and a comfortable life there.

Curious facts

Boston is a city of U.S historical firsts:

  • The first American lighthouse was built in Boston Harbor in 1716
  • Boston is home to the first U.S. subway built in 1897
  • The oldest public park in the U.S dating from 1634, is located in Boston
  • The first U.S. chocolate factory was built in Boston
  • Even the first U.S. public beach was inaugurated in Boston

How it all began in LA:

  • The film industry: Filmmakers, seeking to go away from Thomas Edison’s claims for country’s film patents, decided to move away from New Jersey and settled in LA.
  • Santa Monica was not initially built for tourist purposes. It was intended to protect a sewage pipe, built for sewage treatment into the ocean. Only later, it became a tourist magnet.
  • The Hollywood sign today is left from the original full version – Hollywood Land.
  • Before becoming a famous villa and shopping area for celebrities, Beverly Hills used to be a random lima bean ranch.

Shipping your car from Boston to Los Angeles


Having a car in a vast city like LA seems a rational choice. It will save you commuting time and also some Uber or Lyft costs. However, driving from Boston to Los Angeles would take you around 48 hours of straight driving and a lot of extra mileage on your car. Thus, it may be a good idea to ship your car from Boston to LA, while you comfortably get there via plane, in a little over 6 hours.

There are several things to sort out before shipping your car, such as gather the required documents, receive the most adequate shipping price, select the type of carrier, and arrange car insurance.

To ask questions, get professional advice regarding shipping your vehicle, or request a quote, do not hesitate to call us at (818)850-5258 or chat with us online. Corsia Logistics is a  five-star rated company, and our experienced staff is always available to help you. Thank you!

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