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Mistakes to avoid when shipping a car

Mistakes to avoid when shipping a car

Like many other drivers, you may find shipping a car to be a daunting task. Because all you want to do is find a company to transport your vehicle fast and safe! You simply want to talk to someone, pay for the car shipping service, hand over the keys, and let others take care of the rest.

Some of you might be imagining various scenarios where things go awry. But when you book with a highly rated company like Corsia, there will be nothing to worry about.

Also, they say that learning from others mistakes is a great way to save yourself a great deal of time, money, and pain. To avoid pulling your hair out, see what others have been doing wrong when shipping a car and learn from their pitfalls.

5 mistakes to avoid when shipping a car

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Choosing a shipping company based on price only

We are addicted to bargains. But does the cheapest price always mean the best deal? Not when it comes to shipping a car. Car transport has its own rules that you should follow if you are looking for a stress-free experience.

Many companies will offer a discounted price just to get your business. And most won’t have the means to transport your car within the promised time frame or at a stated price. Don’t fall for the lowest bid. Look into the company you are planning to trust with your prized possession. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of losing money, your precious time,.. and temper!

Paying a non-refundable deposit

At last, you’ve settled on a company. Now, they are asking you for a deposit. A non-refundable deposit. If you’ve never shipped a car before, you trust this is how it works. Besides, what can go wrong? There is no way in the world you would lose that deposit. Wrong!

Some companies charge a non-refundable deposit even in the event your vehicle is not moved. Therefore, before you share your credit card number with the car transporter, make sure the deposit is fully refundable in case the company fails to deliver their services as promised.

Also, learn about the shipper’s cancellation policy. Often, you have to follow a certain procedure to make sure you don’t end up on the losing side due to failure to understand a policy.

Not being thorough when preparing your car for shipping

First, think twice before you decide to ship your personal belongings inside your car, including the trunk. No carrier will take responsibility for damages caused to your vehicle’s interior by the items you didn’t remove or for theft of the latter. In certain situations, the carrier may even confiscate or dispose of your personal items without further compensation to you.

Second, remove or secure safely low hanging spoilers, accessories, and loose parts that may cause damage to yours or others’ vehicles. Even if you’ve shipped a car before, left a few items inside, or forgot to secure that spoiler and nothing happened, it doesn’t mean it will always be this way. You know how they say, better be safe than sorry.

Not inspecting your vehicle

Although it’s not very likely your vehicle arrives with damages, you shouldn’t skip pre-shipping and delivery inspection. If you are in a hurry or it’s getting dark outside, it may be tempting to just sign off without inspecting a vehicle. After all, we always think that no misfortune can touch us. But, if you forgo this step, you will be ineligible for any damage claims, should you discover damages after you’ve signed on the dotted line.

Not insuring your vehicle

Ask your shipper for a copy of insurance certificate, which should include coverage amount for liability, workers comp, cargo limits, and deductible, if applicable. Make sure your vehicle is getting enough coverage during shipping, especially if you are transporting a luxury or collectible car. Also remember, car shipping companies insure your vehicle during transport, but not the personal belongings left inside the car.

Not reading car shipping terms and conditions

Although no one likes to go through lengthy legal documents, it’s essential you do familiarize yourself with car shipping terms and conditions. By failing to read the terms and conditions, you keep yourself in the dark about your rights and responsibilities. If you really don’t feel like reading the document, ask your car shipping provider to walk you through the main shipping terms.

At Corsia Logistics, we want you and your car to have a flawless and stress-free car shipping experience. For a free no-obligation car shipping estimate, fill out our online quote request. To speak with one of our logistics experts call (818) 850-5258. Happy car shipping!



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