Corsia’s car of the day: Mercedes-Benz C111

December 6, 2019
Elena Krotova

Mercedes-Benz C111 – an iconic supercar that never made it to an assembly line, an impossible dream for many an enthusiast.

Mercedes introduced its innovative concept car at the 1969 Frankfurt motor show. Nothing short of spectacular, the sleek and edgy C111 virtually stole the show and instantly became a dream for many. Rumor has it, the company received various blank checks from eager enthusiasts anxious to park the new Mercedes masterpiece in their driveway.

But for the automaker, the model remained an experiment, a laboratory on wheels. Mercedes used C111 as a testing ground for new materials and innovative technology.

Its wind-cheating wedge bodyshell was crafted from lightweight glass-fiber-reinforced plastic. Under the hood, the first C111 iterations featured a what-promised-to-be-revolutionary Wankel engine. Unfortunately, the Merc engineers had to abandon the rotary motor due to inefficiency and poor emissions. Also, the model’s beautiful and aerodynamic fiberglass coachwork proved a disadvantage in respect to increasing safety standards within the industry.

Over a decade, the automaker produced 14 prototypes, 11 survived to this day, and the only running example is now powered by 3.5L V8. Corsia Logistics was lucky to spot it at the Monterey Car Week a few years back.

What do you think of Mercedes-Benz C111? Does it ignite your heart with memories?

Mercedes-Benz C111

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