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Corsia Essay Contest

It seems like one of the most underrated things in today’s society is education. Not because people do not want to learn, but because they think learning is “just a stage of life”. That is why most of us drop the habit of constant learning by the time we get through college.

Learning is so much more than going to school. You have to be willing to gain knowledge and hone your skills throughout your entire life. It does not end with college, it only starts there.

Corsia team values education, which is why we have decided to offer scholarships. But you may be wondering why our Corsia Logistics Scholarship is awarded through an essay contest. The answer is because we want to support those who not only value education but are willing to educate themselves throughout their entire lives. Here is where writing comes into play!

Writing is the perfect medium for any learner. Do you know why? Because you cannot write if you do not learn. It teaches you how to do proper research, how to observe your thoughts and logic, and consequently, how to express coherent thoughts.

Writing is more than a medium to display our research skills, thoughts, and logic. Writing is art. Writing is thinking. Writing is fun. Writing is work. Writing is business.

Writing is art

If someone tells you “Writing is art”, your response would probably be “Well, duh!” Such a thing is rather obvious, right? After all, you have been hearing that all the time in your English classes. Which may have actually ruined your entire perception of what the art of writing really is.

Most of us think that writing as a form of art is nothing more than fiction and poetry. A lot of it also seems quite pretentious, which does not help at all. But what if I told you that writing is more than that?

Writing is the physical manifestation of language. It is our way to make conversation with people long gone and with those yet to come. It is also the skill of making yourself heard. This goes beyond simply writing down something for people to read. It is picking the right words to reach the right audience. This makes writing something more than just an art form.

Writing is thinking

Writing is how we give shape to our abstractions. It serves as our way to make sense of the mess inside our minds. Have you ever been in a situation where you feel you understand something, but cannot find words to explain it? Well, that is how your brain is most of the time. To help that some smart human beings have developed the symbols of language, and has given us the opportunity to write. This has enabled us to put our thoughts in order and make sense of even the most chaotic ideas. Because if you cannot explain something, how can you really understand it?

Learning how to write will teach you how to think. It will help you not only in your communication with others but also in your own self-talk. Since our brain does not shut up, we will all be better off if we teach it how to talk properly. That way we will not become slaves to what we cannot even comprehend.

It is no wonder that journaling has been having a resurgence. Who knew that writing can actually help you sort out your own self? I imagine this has a great effect on our ability to communicate altogether.

In light of all that, we will not be wrong if we say that the art of writing is really the art of thinking. Understanding that will give you a whole different level of appreciation for the written word.

Writing is fun

This can easily be the hardest claim to defend so far. The problem stems from the fact that we have a very messed up idea of fun. Many of us believe that fun starts when work ends. Or that school is not supposed to be fun, but educational. So, when you are given a writing assignment you never associate it with fun. At best it is work, at worst a nightmare!

There is a reason for all that though. Our disdain for writing tasks comes from the fear that we do not actually know how to express ourselves. We think that if writing does not flow freely under our fingers, we are inherently bad at it. However, that could not be farther from the truth.

The way to make writing enjoyable

We have already established that writing is thinking. Because of that each paragraph, each sentence, each word – they all need to be thought out. And honestly, thinking requires time.

Even when I am sitting here writing this, I am taking my time to think the words out. I review how they sound and what message they convey. Is it clear? Is it concise? Is it engaging? Should it even be any of these?

When I give myself the time to let my thoughts flow writing becomes liberating in a sense. I am not subject to the first thing that pops into my mind – I choose only what I deem worthy. That makes me the master of my thoughts and helps me become better at thinking overall.

That being said, I am also a fan of practical advice. Because of that, I have a few tips that may help you start liking the whole process a bit more. Even if you do not mind writing, they may still be useful in giving you the push you need to win our scholarship contest. Here they are:

Read a lot

Reading is how you learn to appreciate great writing. If you read a lot, you will start getting a sense of what sounds good, what makes sense and what is simply a clunky mess. Hint: Read what you enjoy, that way it will not feel like a chore.

Give yourself the freedom to write badly

No one is born a master at anything. Even professionals and world renown authors have horrible first drafts. No one has to see that though. You can always review it and make it better later. The problem is that most people give up before they have even tried.

Write about favorite topics

Everybody has topics they care about. So, to practice your writing you should simply write about something that interests you.

Read aloud

You can tell if the structure of your writing is good if it flows well when you read it out loud.

Forget about perfection

Reviewing your writing is a must, but you can easily fall into another pit: perfectionism. Avoid that at all costs. Take care of the bigger problems with your writing, and when you are done with them, just accept that no work is ever flawless. That is what makes us human, right?

These tips are by no means exhaustive. Nevertheless, I have found them to be the most helpful when it comes to my writing. Especially the third tip – what can I say, I love arguments. This leads me to another thing that describes writing.

Writing is work – writing is business

Ironically, writing is quite a lucrative business for many – especially those who write business books. But that is not the kind of business that I am thinking about.

Through writing a given company can communicate everything. It is how a business sells its goods or services. It helps them reach out to the clients and persuade them to take action. However, it is also more than that.

Modern businesses make use of writing in a variety of ways. For example, they use it to educate their customers, which builds trust. Companies also use writing to entertain, or to simply connect. It is a way to spread the core message of any business. Writing is the means to resonate with a client and when that happens, you have a loyal customer for life.

This is why so many companies are focusing on stories. You see more and more ads that have nothing to do with the product, yet they tell a story. Why? Because stories convey meaning. They build a picture and if you happen to associate with it, you are won. That way a company is selling you their stuff without you even thinking about it. You do not buy the product or service, you buy the idea and values behind it.

On a more personal note, if you learn how to write, you will learn how to present yourself and how to articulate your thoughts. You will be able to sell your skills, your ideas, and your values. This is what business is all about.

Are you ready to take part in the Corsia essay contest?

You can see now that writing could be so much more than what you thought. I believe everybody should learn how to write, at least to some degree. Fortunately, you also have another incentive to try it out for yourself – Corsia Logistics Scholarship.


Corsia Scholarship


With our contest, we want to motivate students to take writing seriously. We have several topics to choose from and this means to do all of the above – to think, to have fun, to work and kind of do business because you can certainly win at the end. Review our scholarship project, and if you are an eligible student please consider it! Throughout the process you will learn something very important – how any business topic can (and often should) actually get personal as well. So, go to the contest’s dedicated page, read through our requirements, and give it a go!

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