Average vehicle transport rates

August 5, 2014
Vasilka Atanasova

Car shipping costs vary widely and the price changes based on a few factors. When you need to ship a car the first thing you need to know is the cost. The most common answer to “How much does it cost to ship a car” is “It depends.”

The major factors affecting the car shipping cost are:

1. the type of vehicle
2. the distance
3. the type of transport.

The cost to ship a car depends on a few major elements, but keep in mind that seasonal fluctuations of the prices also influence the prices on certain routes. Every year for example, seasonal factors affect the Florida routes. The snowbirds moving season is every fall and early summer and this is the time snowbirds car shipping affects the prices. In the fall snowbirds travel south to escape the cold winter in the north, and then in the early summer they come back north to escape the scorching heat of the southern states.

The rates below are for mid-size automobile sedan and remember they are average. Auto transport prices often vary by company.

Check out some average vehicle transport rates:

  • Los Angeles to Chicago           $850
  • Los Angeles to New York       $1100
  • New York to Los Angeles       $1600
  • Boston to Miami                         $900
  • Seattle to Los Angeles              $750
  • Chicago to San Francisco       $1150
  • Chicago to New York               $650

Note that rates change from month to month and these are only average for regular sedan, open car carrier service. The car shipping prices usually do not change drastically every year, but this is not guaranteed. For an accurate quote for your vehicle and destination, please call our agents or request a quote online.

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