The Last Best Place on Earth – one of the last truly unspoiled places on our planet. With 147,1388 miles of land, it is the 4th largest state in the country, but it only ranks 44th by population density. They say that elk and deer outnumber people in Montana. Although the state is large, the communities are small here, and everyone seems to know everyone. Billings, the most populous city and it is home to slightly over 110,000 people. You can drive for extended stretches on deserted roads or settle down in a home that’s miles away from the nearest neighbor.

Montana will be friendly to your bank account, especially if you are moving from states such as New York or California. But at the same time, if you are used to all the conveniences and creature comforts of the big-city living and staying on top of trends is important to you, moving to Montana will require an attitude adjustment.

Top spots to set your roots down in Montana include Billings, Bozeman, and Missoula. Billings is Montana’s oasis of economic growth with booming oil industry and growing medical sector. It’s also known for its affordable housing. In Bozeman, Montana State University helps keep the state’s economy afloat, and 15,000 students add a youthful vibe to the city. Missoula, which many consider a cultural center of the state, offers its residents a true western experience and high quality of life.

The outdoors’ scenery is gorgeous and diverse with forests, prairies, highlands, and valleys. The state is famous with its national parks, fishing, and hunting. One of the most amazing placeso on Earth is Yellowstone National Park, which streches into Montana. This is a place everybody living in Montana visits. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage in star gazing and occasionally spot the northern lights. The weather is a much debatable topic among those thinking of moving – to put it coldly, there is not much warmth in Montana. But those who choose to call the state home will soon find out that Montanans are much warmer than the average temperatures, and the wintertime cuisine is as hearty as it gets.

Montana is a big, wide-open space. And although big cities do have transit, public transportation is not at all plentiful. You will need your car. With this being said, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your car shipping options and budget. We are here to help.

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