Connecticut is the third smallest state by area, but the fourth most densely populated. It is part of New England and it is known as the Constitution State. One of the original colonies, the state takes pride in its historical past.

It is also part of New York metropolitan area, which makes it very much an epicenter of the northern east coast. Yet, it is not a suburb of New York! People get offended at that mostly because the state is so rich in history and every county is very different. Moreover, they have their own cities! Cozy little cities that offer a variety of things to do and way cozier eateries than those in New York. And cheaper too.

Hartford, New London, New Heaven are all much more affordable places to live. Trains connect all major cities with New York City so, if you want to work in the big city, commuting is not a problem.

We need to mention that the best pizza in the whole country is made in Connecticut, and everybody knows that. And another round and acclaimed thing comes from Connecticut as well – the frisbee! Yes, the frisbee was invented there. It came to be from a local pie company. The kids would go and toss around the empty pie tins and voila! A frisbee it is!

Besides city life, the state also offers a thriving country life scene. Abundant farms across Connecticut produce variety of fresh fruits, veggies, and dairy products. There are local maple syrup and beer too. And, we should not forget the local ice cream!

Furthermore, we need to note that the state has diverse nature, offering both mountains and beaches. Summers are humid while winters are cold, but the fall is probably one of the best seasons. Due to its location and relatively affordable cost of living, not too many people move out of the state. Still, we have the snowbirds. They move out of the state every winter and usually go to Florida.

Now that you know so much, we are sure you already love it. Let us help you ship your car to Connecticut.


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