Shipping a car from New York to California Guide

September 6, 2017
Vasi Atanasova
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The distance between New York and California is about 2,800 miles. This implies a long-haul trip, which is a work routine for CDL drivers. In fact, shipping a car from New York to California is one of the most popular auto transport routes in the US.

Hiring a car shipping company has many benefits. In this post, you can learn how auto transport works, so you can make an educated choice when it gets to transporting your vehicle from New York to California.

What are the options when shipping a car?

When you need to relocate a car from New York to California you have two main options – driving and shipping.

Driving is a good choice when you are ready for a road trip. However, the almost 3,000 miles from New York to California is not a trip everyone can handle. Driving on the interstate highways, across the country, could be potentially dangerous unless you are a professional driver. Factor in the unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle, the possibility of breakdowns, all trip-related expenses, and the time off work. Can you afford a lengthy and exhausting road trip right now?

To save yourself and your vehicle from all possible troubles, consider hiring an auto transport company.

Shipping your car with an auto transport company is easier and safer. A professional driver will pick up your vehicle from a designated location and deliver it to the address of your choice. You will not only be saving time and money the road trip requires you to spend, but wear and tear on your car as well. Auto transport is a service that businesses and private customers alike use daily.

At Corsia Logistics, we make your peace of mind our top priority and take the hassle of moving a vehicle out of your hands. Our agents strive to provide clear and useful information about our services.

Having access to a network of more than five thousand owner-operated auto transport carriers, we are able to find you an affordable and efficient car transport fast.

When shipping a vehicle from New York to California, we can schedule your pick-up often on the same day because this is one of our main service routes. Call us now to discuss your options and budget.

What is the difference between open and enclosed carriers?

Open auto transport

Open auto transport is the standard vehicle shipping method, widely used for all makes and models. The open-air trailers, usually with two levels, can transport up to ten automobiles. Open transport is efficient and usually faster than enclosed. It is a safe option for any type of vehicle.  In fact, brand new automobiles are transported on open trailers across the country daily.

Enclosed vehicle transport

Enclosed auto transport offers more protection from road and weather elements. It is usually booked for sports, classic, and luxury automobiles. Enclosed carriers are more expensive. This is not only due to the enclosed nature of the carrier, but also because these types of trucks comprise only about ten percent of the entire US fleet. The latter makes them harder to reserve.

And whether you choose to ship your car on an open or enclosed carrier, you can request a top load placement for your vehicle for an extra bit of protection.

How much does it cost to ship a car from New York to California?

The cost to ship a car from New York to California varies. In general, vehicle transport cost depends on your car’s make and model, modifications, type of transport, exact pick-up or delivery location, distance, as well as supply and demand situation or seasonality.

Seasonality, such as snowbirds season often affects the cost. During the snowbirds season, car shipping prices go up due to the high volume of people moving to the Southern states. Hence, supply and demand are usually the decisive factors when it comes to prices.

Do not be lured by low prices. Some auto transport companies charge less than the current market price and then call and ask for more money. Other companies charge more simply because they are big and try to monopolize the market. Take the time to research and talk to several companies. This is the best way to receive a realistic current market price.
Corsia Logistics agents manually track daily supply and demand fluctuations, so we can offer you realistic rates, with the utmost transparency.

Whether you have recently purchased a vehicle or moving your personal automobile, we are here to help you understand the auto transport process. Call our logistics experts to discuss your options and schedule your shipment.

And don’t forget to check what our customers say about us to help you understand our personal approach. We are here to help you ship your vehicle from New York to California with peace of mind.

Moving from New York to California

Los Angeles

Moving out of state may not the most pleasant experience. Even less so if you have to deal with moving your entire household. However, just the thought that you are moving to California must be warming your heart.

The West Coast is very different than the East Coast. The pace of life is slower, the sun is shining every day (unless you are moving to San Francisco), and the roads are wide and free (freeways we call them). This really gives you a sense of freedom (unless you are stuck in LA traffic of course).

About California …

Currently, the most populated state in the US, with 39,77 million people, California offers one of the best laid-back lifestyles in the US. Both New York and California are among the top states in the US that people from all over the world dream of and want to call home. But unlike in bustling New York City, you will have to “slow down” a bit in the Golden State.

Moving from expensive New York to yet another expensive state such as California is a bold move. You will have to get used to a different atmosphere, cuisine, fashion style, and of course – weather.

California’s numerous sunny beaches are totally worth leaving New York behind. Sunshine all year round – who wouldn’t want that? In contrast to New York’s humid subtropical climate, California has a Mediterranean climate that ranges from polar to subtropical. It is simply amazing because the humidity is basically non-existent.

Things to do in California

The state’s mostly perfect weather allows more room to enjoy all this great state has to offer. Besides visiting well-known sights such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Napa Valley Vineyards, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the Death Valley, make sure to also visit the Channel Islands, Kings Canyon, the Redwood National and State Parks, among other places along the coast and in the mountains.

Not everything is perfect, but no place on the planet is ever going to be perfect. Yet moving to California will definitely change your perception of life. You could even be in a bit of a shock at first, especially for those coming from New York City. However, it is well worth it even if it is only for sunny days. It will be an adventure! But only by living in California, you will be able to decide whether it suits your soul. Happy moving and car shipping! Thank you!













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