Shipping a car from Texas to Seattle

Shipping a car from Texas to Seattle Guide


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Across the United States, businesses and private customers alike ship hundreds of thousands of cars each year. The reasons for vehicle relocation are abundant, but what unites all these shipments is the desire for a stress-free and flawless experience. In this guide, we’ll share our expertise in auto transport, so you can make informed choices and feel confident about your vehicle shipping decisions, from start to finish. We also encourage you to explore our How to Ship a Car and Services sections at the top of this page. And if you prefer a human touch, do not hesitate to call us!

What are my options when shipping a car from Texas to Seattle?

To move your vehicle between a given destination in Texas and Seattle you can:

  • drive the car to the destination
  • hire an auto transport company

But what would be your best choice? The answer would vary based on your circumstances and personal preferences. Driving the car all the way to Seattle would be a great option if you’ve been wanting to go on a road trip. Traveling from the Lone Star State to the Emerald city implies traversing 1900 miles, give or take, of highways and interstate roads. And driving long distances is not for everybody. Cross country roads can be dangerous for the untrained eye, and what was supposed to be a fun adventure can turn into a scary ride in an amusement park. When the distance is more than 200-300 miles, we always recommend shipping instead of driving.

To hire an auto transport company means to free yourself from the responsibility of moving your vehicle. It makes life easier when you are busy or simply do not wish to embark on a road trip. Moving a car across the country often means adding at least a thousand miles to the odometer, oil change, flat tires, and other possible issues. Shipping a car from Texas to Seattle with a car shipping company is also often cheaper than driving it yourself, once you consider all the expenses a long distance trip entails.

Transporting your vehicle with a professional auto transporter means peace of mind. All you need to do is find a reliable car shipping company and make sure your vehicle is ready for shipping.

What services do auto transport companies offer?

Typical auto transport services vary by company. But in general, you’ll have a choice based on the type of carrier and on the time frame of delivery. Corsia Logistics provides the following car shipping services:

  • open and enclosed car carrier
  • standard and expedited delivery

Corsia Logistics offers open car carrier transport and enclosed auto transport, and in both cases, this is a door-to-door delivery. Very rarely we ship cars from and to a terminal. Most individuals and businesses from across the country prefer door-to-door deliveries.

Once you’ve picked the type of carrier, you’ll need to choose between the standard service and expedited delivery. The distinction between the two is the time of delivery. A standard car shipping service usually means that a carrier will pick up your vehicle within five business days and deliver it within a specified time frame. However, keep in mind that all dates and times are only estimates. Delays happen on the road often due to weather, traffic, or other customers’ postponements.

Expedited delivery could guarantee that your car is picked up or delivered on or by a specified date and time. This, however, requires the whole schedule of the truck to play around your particular dates, which naturally increases the price. In some cases, when specific dates are requested, we need to involve a second or third company, a local carrier, to pick-up or deliver the vehicle on the specified date. So, expedited auto transport service is always more expensive.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Texas to Seattle?

The price from and to any destination is never a flat rate we can state right now. Several variables decide the final cost of shipping a vehicle:

Each and every factor is important when calculating the right cost to ship a vehicle from Texas to Seattle. Vehicle’s make and model and the distance set the base price for shipping. However, they are not the deciding factors. The type of carrier and the vehicle condition always affect the price. If a car is not running under its own power,  the cost of shipping increases due to additional equipment and driver’s skill. Transporting your vehicle in an enclosed trailer is almost always more expensive.

But the factor that decides the final cost of shipping is the current supply and demand situation on a given route. Fluctuations happen daily and that is why it is very important to track supply and demand constantly on national dispatch boards.

Corsia Logistics agents manually track daily vehicle shipping cost fluctuations and quote realistic current market prices that will ship your vehicle in a professional and timely fashion.

What documents do I need to ship a car?

We do not need any documents from you unless your vehicle is traveling overseas. Domestic transport is simple. You or someone on your behalf needs to release the vehicle, together with a set of keys, to the carrier at pick-up. The carrier will ask the person at pick-up to sign the Bill of Lading (BOL). The BOL is not only a receipt but also an inspection report. When the carrier inspects the car you need to check with him that all existing damages are marked down. Never sign an incomplete or blank document. And don’t forget to get your copy before the carrier leaves the pick-up site.

Is my vehicle insured during transport?

Yes, it is! Legally, all carriers must carry a minimum amount of insurance. Carrier’s cargo insurance protects your vehicle against damages during loading, unloading, and transit and covers anything from theft, dents, and scratches to a total loss of a car. Liability limits, though, will vary from carrier to carrier. If your vehicle is especially valuable, make sure to discuss the insurance information with your potential shipper.

Can I ship personal items in my car?

Although most carriers allow you to include a box or suitcase in the trunk of your car, many would prefer to load an empty vehicle.

If you decide to leave personal items in your vehicle, there are a few things you need to know. A carrier can refuse to ship a vehicle packed with personal items due to strict DOT weight limitations. And in certain situations, DOT may even confiscate your belongings without any reimbursement. Also, no carrier will accept responsibility for damages caused to your car interior by personal items you didn’t remove, nor for theft of the latter. Personal items left in your vehicle will not be protected by the carrier’s cargo insurance.

Moving to the Emerald City


Leaving the Lone Star State behind can be hard. But a new and better life expects you in Seattle. Situated on the west coast of the US, Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington with a population of 725,000 people. This seaport city is well known for its tolerance and liberal views, as well as for being a food and coffee heaven. All bookworms and technology lovers are also welcome in America’s Queen City.

Compared to Texas arid and humid weather, Seattle has a Mediterranean climate with warm, mild summers and cool, rainy winters. Summers in Seattle are relatively dry, while, in general, Seattle’s rain is more like a mist that doesn’t necessarily require an umbrella. Most people with umbrellas in Seattle are tourists. So if you want to avoid looking like one, just leave your umbrella at home.

Housing and Living Costs

The cost of living in Seattle is more than 20% above the national average. If we compare Seattle to Houston, for example, according to Budget Direct, rent prices in Seattle are 49.45% higher than in Houston. When it comes to utility costs, they are almost the same but slightly higher in Seattle.

The city of Seattle is made up of many neighborhoods that differ quite a lot from one another, and picking the right neighborhood for you and your family can be a bit hard at first. Once you do a bit of research on your own and select a few neighborhoods, start looking for apartments to rent or buy. Among the most popular neighborhoods are Ballard, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Greenlake, Issaquah Highlands, Magnolia, Phinney Ridge, Queen Anne, Wallingford, and West Seattle.

Economy and Employment

Driven by various old industrial companies, and new companies in the field of Internet and technology, service, design, and clean technology, Seattle’s economy has only become stronger after the Great Recession. The Port of Seattle, which is the 8th largest port in the US, is also one of the key factors behind the city’s rich economy.

In 2010, the city government planned to make Seattle the first “climate neutral” city in North America with the clear goal of releasing 0% gas emissions by 2030. Home to five Fortune 500 companies in 2017, there are plenty of other large companies headquartered in this city such as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Costco, Expedia, Expeditors International, Boeing, Paccar, and Weyerhaeuser.

Seattle attractions

Do you love to swim, bike, snowboard, ski, surf, hike, or simply stroll around the city to find popular and unpopular attractions on your own? Seattle is the perfect place for that. As soon as you have some free time, make sure to visit the Space Needle, Bill Gates House, the Seattle Great Wheel, Original Starbucks, Pike Place Market, and museums such as Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum, the Museum of History and Industry, and the Seattle Art Museum.

If you’re lucky, you might even find housing near these parks: Gasworks Park, Madison Park, Discovery Park, and Magnuson Park. In any case, all of them are worth a visit.

Moving to Seattle with a car


There are two ways you can register your vehicle in Seattle: by sending all the paperwork by mail or by submitting the required documents in person. As long as you submit them within 30 days after establishing your move to Seattle, you’ll be fine. Unlike in some other cities, you won’t need to have a car insurance to register your car. Although, eventually, you will have to get it insured if you don’t want to get fined. For more information, visit the official website of the Washington State Department of Licensing.