Shipping a car from Seattle to Florida

Shipping a car from Seattle to Florida Guide

New Jersey to Florida car transport

Are you shipping a car from Seattle to Florida? The reasons for doing so are abundant. You are joining the flock of snowbirds and picked the Sunshine state as your final destination for wintering. Maybe you are part of military personnel that received an order for permanent change of station, and now you have to head all the way to Florida. Got a new job which requires you to relocate? Or maybe you just can no longer get excited about boots, and cute scarves and hats, and want to fill your wardrobe with sundresses and flip-flops which you can use pretty much all year round. It’s done! You are moving from Seattle to Florida. And you are taking your car with you!

A cross-country move may be one of the wildest, weirdest and scariest things. You’ll be moving about 3000 miles away from your comfort zone. It’s quite a process. In addition to all the things you have to tend to, how do you tackle your vehicle transport all the way from Seattle to the Sunshine State?


In this guide, we’ll do our best to answer questions that have to do with auto transport from Seattle to Florida.

  1. What options do I have when shipping a car from Seattle to Florida?
  2. What is the cost to transport my car?
  3. How does auto transport work?


What options do I have when shipping a car from Seattle to Florida?

Moving your vehicle from point A to point B can happen in a few different ways, you need to choose the right auto transport method. The very first thought that crosses your mind when you need to move your car is to hop in and drive. It’s a viable solution when the distance is no more than 200-300 miles. You can easily do it in one day. Everyone is happy.

Moving your car all the way from Seattle to Florida implies traversing somewhere between 2800 and 3500 miles, depending on your final destination. Not a quest for the faint at heart, unless you are up for an adventure and have plenty of time on your hands.

You can always hire someone through a classified ad to drive your car from Seattle to Florida for a fee or use drive-away services. These options, however, still means additional wear and tear on your vehicle in addition to the fact that someone you don’t know will operate your car.

Your other option would be to ship your car to Florida from Washington state with an auto transport company like Corsia Logistics. Many people choose to trust car carrier companies to move their vehicles long distance. This option saves the headache of planning an untimely cross-country road trip. And as a bonus, no extra mileage will appear on your car’s odometer. You won’t have to worry about having enough stamina to endure an extended haul, or your vehicle being in a good enough shape to handle a trip across the entire continent. And you’ll have more time to tend to other things that require your attention.

In the auto transport business, some shippers are more reputable than others, so it’s extremely important that you choose carefully. Time spent researching and knowing what to watch for will make for smooth car shipping process.

You can start by asking around to get first-hand recommendations If that doesn’t yield results, turn to Google for help. Searching for auto transport companies will return plenty of hits. Just keep in mind that not all entities are created equal. In your search for a car shipper, you’ll come across carriers, brokers, and car shipping lead generator websites. You can learn all about how auto transport works from our How It Works section.



What is the cost to transport my car?

Let’s take a look at how the car shipping cost is calculated. The price you will pay depends on the car’s make and model, modifications, type of transport, operability, whether you choose open or enclosed auto transport, as well as exact pick up and delivery locations. Seasonality, or supply and demand, also affects the auto transport prices.

Higher demand usually means more expensive service. On most routes, the demand can peak at any time, and daily tracking of such fluctuation is essential for accurate pricing and timely shipping. Carriers prefer loads that pay a realistic market price. Anything lower than the current market rate means that you will have to wait longer for a carrier to agree to pick-up your vehicle.

When shipping a vehicle to one of the Sun Belt states, including Florida, it’s important to keep in mind the snowbirds season. The time is every fall and spring. In the fall, thousands of retirees from across the country, move to Florida to escape the cold winters. This creates a high demand on many routes to Florida, which increases the rates. In order to move your vehicle in a timely manner, you need to receive an accurate quote.

Request multiple car shipping quotes to get the ballpark figure for the cost of auto transport. Rates will vary between the companies, that’s why it’s important to get an idea of an average cost to ship a vehicle. Don’t be lured by the lowest auto transport price.


How does auto transport work?

In a few simple steps, here’s how shipping a car from Seattle to Florida works with Corsia Logistics:

  1. Request a quote online or by phone. We will ask you to share details about your vehicle such as make, model, modifications, operability, as well as pick up and drop off destinations and your first available date. You will need to select between open and enclosed auto transport. Don’t worry if you are not sure which option to choose. Check out our infographic or call us and let one of our logistics experts explain the difference to you.
  2. Once we agree on all the details, we will contact our carriers and schedule your shipment
    When we assign a carrier, you will receive an e-mail with dispatch notification confirmation with an estimated pick up date and a trucker’s phone number.
  3. Usually, the carrier picks up your vehicle one to five business days from your first available date.
  4. Make sure your car is ready for shipping. Give it a good wash and make sure there are no leaks or mechanical issues.
  5. At pick-up, the driver completes an inspection report before loading. We encourage you to take detailed photos of your car before loading. In a very unlikely case of damages, they serve as proof of your vehicle’s pre-loading condition.
  6. Car transport from Seattle to Florida takes about 7 to 9 days, although not guaranteed as unexpected delays might happen during transit.
  7. At delivery, the carrier inspects the vehicle again and unloads it as close to your door as possible. Confirm that your car has arrived intact, sign the Bill of Lading and pay any remaining balance. In case of damage, make sure it’s all noted on the Bill of Lading, so you can start the claims process.


Above and beyond customer service

At Corsia Logistics, we provide our customers with fair and realistic car shipping prices. We offer accurate, realistic rates that will ship your vehicle. We call our rates the AA rates – Affordable to the customer and Acceptable by the carrier. It is very important to hit this golden middle because this is the only way to provide reliable auto transport service. Our agents work hard every day to guarantee timely pick-up and delivery, as well as professional services.

To achieve this, we track demand and supply fluctuations manually on the national dispatch boards. We do not use automated software to calculate your price because automated quotes do not reflect the most current market conditions. Some major factors that affect car shipping prices change daily, making it practically impossible for preset software to produce an accurate estimate.

Shipping a car to Florida and back – use a professional auto transport company!

Corsia Logistics is one of the most trusted companies in the US. Read what our customers have to say about the services we provide, you can find hundreds of reviews on independent review sources like TransportReviews and  Trust Pilot. We are a small family business, and this is our major advantage. When you call our office, you will speak with one of our logistics experts who will accompany you from start to finish to ensure smooth auto transport process. Your agent will become your friend because as a family we take pride in offering personal service. Our agents will walk you through the process and recommend the right auto transport option tailored to your specific situation.

At Corsia Logistics, we don’t just give you a price; we explain how the auto transport works, so you can make educated decisions. Our agents strive to offer you the best price and auto transport solutions. Corsia Logistics works only with verified, reliable auto transport carriers with experience in the car transport industry, and with our broker network of thousands of carriers we can always provide timely and reliable auto transport from Seattle to Florida.

Shipping a car from Seattle to Florida is easy with Corsia Logistics. We serve this route regularly. When you contact us, we will answer all of your questions and walk you through each step of the process. Call us at (818) 850-5258 or request an auto transport quote online. For more information and answers to most common questions, please refer to our Questions and How It Works sections. We are here to help you transport your automobile. Thank you!






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