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Shipping a car from New York to Texas

how much does it cost Shipping a car from New York to Texas?

Review the main factors that control the cost to ship a car. The price does not depend only on the type of car or the type of car carrier. The distance matters, but it is also not the only factor that affect the price. Multiple variables affect the price to ship a car.

When shipping cars, auto transport companies must provide an accurate quote that reflects current market conditions in order to ship a car now. A reliable car shipping company will make sure the price takes into account all variables because this is the only was to provide professional car shipping services. This is how customers receive peace of mind from us. Check Corsia customer reviews online

Below you will find the main auto transport price factors. Keep them in mind when requesting car shipping quotes. Corsia provides current prices that are all checked manually and discussed with the customers. We will discuss all variables and conditions with our customer, and always offer to work with the customers’ budget.

When you are flexible with your dates, we can almost always accommodate your budget. Still, understanding what logistics variables affect the price to ship a car is important. 

car make & model

Smaller cars are cheaper to ship, while bigger vehicles are more expensive. Still, a sports automobile in an enclosed trailer could cost more than an SUV in an open.

Transport Type

Open auto transport is the standard mode in the industry. It is the most affordable way to ship a car. Enclosed car carrier costs more. They are specialized trailers.


Total miles matter and they set the base price. Longer distances usually cost more. The more miles your vehicles travels the less per mile.


Whether the car is coming and going to a major metro area or rural place matters. Major cities mean lower rate, remote areas the opposite.

Vehicle Condition

A vehicle that is not moving on its own power may require a winch or a forklift to be loaded. This increased the price.

Supply / Demand

When demand is high the truck space is limited and this means higher prices. It is the same when supply is low.

how long does it take Shipping a car from New York to Texas?

Shipping a car takes one to several days. The time to ship a car is split in two time frames – pick-up window and delivery window. The pick-up window is usually one to five business days. The delivery after that depends on the total distance, as well as a few other elements. 

The exact location is an important factor that affects transport times. Other factors such as road closures, weather, traffic and other customer’s delays could affect the delivery time. 

Types of car shipping services to choose
Enclosed Auto Transport Corsia Logistics Porsche

Open auto transport is the standard vehicle shipping solutions. It works for all types of vehicles, and all distances. It is the fastest and the most affordable car shipping service. 

Enclosed auto transport is usually booked for high-end automobiles. It is perfect for your classic car or sports vehicle that cost more than $50,000. It is a premium service that provides full protection from road and weather elements. 

You may need expedited transport when and if you need your vehicle picked-up or delivered on an exact or by an exact date. This type of service cost more. 

A correctly quoted rate is a current market price that will ship a car now.

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Shipping a car from New York to Texas

From New York to Texas. Why?


Texas is definitely a good choice to start a new life. A lower-cost of life, and of course the iconic Texas cuisine.

More is less, and it is spacious and it is warm. Less crowds and warmer weather is something most of us would definitely enjoy.

Texas is larger than almost any other state, but did you know that its population is larger than that of New York? Today, more than 28 million people live in Texas, and this number has been steadily growing.

However, there is plenty of land for everybody!

New York, on the contrary, usually feels overcrowded, unless you are somewhere far away upstate.

The next big factor in favor for Texas is climate. The weather in both states is subtropical, yet Texas is warmer and dryer due to negative snowfall across most of the land.

Sunny days and open lands await in Texas.

This is the main reason for thousands of snowbirds from Canada and the Midwest to flock to Texas. They want to enjoy the sunny days and average temperatures of about 70` F. Many reside in their RVs, some stay in temporary rentals and others have bought their own second homes there.

Texas Miracle?

The “Texas miracle” has been covered thoroughly over the last years. As the influx of people has been growing, the interest in the state of Texas follows suit. One of the major reasons is the rapid development in job-creating industries such as technology and manufacturing.

The average salary has been growing, and in 2020 it reached almost $66,000. This shows an increasing level of confidence in the state economy.

Moreover, one of the advantages of moving to The Lone Star State is having to pay less for your living expenses, including rental or real estate purchasing prices. And the best part? There are zero income taxes!

Real southern hospitality and food

Texas may have a reputation of a very conservative state. And that might be true. However, coming from New York, you will immediately notice and atmosphere of friendliness.

Strangers greeting you on the streets though sounds like the best conservative element ever!

Real southern hospitality, and immediate feeling at home atmosphere are the reasons for increasing population diversity. Mexican culture is one of the most prominent ones, which is noticed especially in Texas cuisine.

Tamales, tacos, and burritos are an essential addition to barbecue options. Of course, Dr. Pepper and Coke are not missing either.

How does all that sound as a start in Texas for y’all?

Compared to New York, Texas definitely sounds better. If your moving is scheduled, congratulations. Keep in mind that you will definitely need a car, or two or three. As soon as you schedule your move, you should book your car shipping service. Call our team now to discuss how it works.

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