Shipping A Car From New York To Seattle

Shipping a car from New York to Seattle Guide


New York and Seattle are situated considerably far apart. The distance between the two cities is about 2800 miles of highways and interstate roads. A journey of this kind is definitely not for the faint of heart. Thus you may want to consider entrusting your vehicle into the hands of a professional auto transport company. Shipping a vehicle might seem intimidating at first. How do you approach it? Shipping a car isn’t like shipping a package, it requires more thorough preparation. There must be a great deal of questions rushing through your head right now.

Find answers to some common car shipping question here:

  1. How much does it cost to ship a car?
  2. How long does shipping a car from New York to Seattle take?
  3. How to prepare my car for shipping?
  4. What are the steps to ship a car from New York to Seattle?


How much does it cost to ship a car?

Are you hesitant thinking hiring a car transporter will cost an arm and a leg? You’d be surprised once you’ve understood the economics behind a car shipping quote. The car shipping business is competitive, so you often get widely varying quotes. Don’t settle for the cheapest price. With very few exceptions, the lowest price means a long wait. And there is a possibility that your car won’t be moved at all, after all. Here’s why. Both brokers and truckers use the same third-party database, which shows vehicles that are awaiting shipment, what customers are willing to pay to ship their cars, and what’s been paid for the same route in the past. As you may have guessed, after checking the database, truckers pick the higher paying vehicles first. So if you are in a hurry, you’ll have to pay more.

In general, a car shipping quote depends on a few factors such as the distance, pick up/drop off locations, car’s make, model, and modifications; it’s operability, as well as seasonal fluctuations and the type of service you select – open or enclosed carrier.

To help you get the best value for your money, our agents carefully track daily vehicle shipping rate fluctuations. At Corsia Logistics, we don’t employ software to calculate car shipping quotes because the cost to transport a vehicle is a combination of fluid factors that require manual tracking for better accuracy.

How long does shipping a car from New York to Seattle take?

Total transportation time is split into two parts: pick-up window and delivery window. Given the nature of the auto transport industry, shippers can’t guarantee the exact dates unless you opt for expedited car shipping and/or exact dates pick-up and delivery at a premium price. There are too many factors that make it difficult to pinpoint the exact dates. On average it takes about 1 to five days for a carrier to pick up your vehicle. How about vehicle transit time?

When you place an order to ship a car, the auto transport company will estimate the delivery time according to normal driving time. Therefore, if there are no deviations: traffic, adverse weather conditions, accidents, mechanical problems, the delivery should take between 1 and 10 days following the pick-up of your vehicle. A more precise window depends on pick-up and drop off locations. In your case, since the distance between New York and Seattle is around 2800 miles, it would take between 7 and ten days to transport your vehicle after the pick-up.

How to prepare my car for shipping?

Once you’ve made all the necessary arrangements with the car transporter, prepare your vehicle for shipping. Check your car with a mechanic. Make sure it is drivable and can get on the trailer under its own power. Otherwise, it has to be booked as non-running and special equipment should be used for loading/unloading. Shipping an inoperable vehicle involves extra charges. Treat your car to a good wash. This way it will be easier to spot any damage. Take detailed photos to document what your car looked like before shipment.

Let the shipper know of any peculiarities with your car before shipping, it includes anything that might interfere with safe loading, transport, and unloading of your vehicle. Take down all the aftermarket accessories. If your vehicle has a convertible top, make sure to secure it. Don’t leave more than ¼ tank of gas – enough to get your car on and off a carrier’s trailer. Voila! Your car is ready to be shipped!

What are the steps to ship a car?

The most difficult task is selecting a reputable auto transporter. After that, things only get easier. Car shipping process is not complicated at all. See it for yourself.

    1. Request at least three car shipping quotes. You can do that online or by phone. Disclose details about your vehicle: model, make, modifications, operability. Share pick/up and delivery zip codes, as well as exact pick-up and delivery locations. Don’t forget to mention your moving date and/or first available date for pick up.
    2. Select the transporter whom you will entrust with your car. Once you agree on all of the details, your shipment will be scheduled and confirmation sent.
    3. Make sure your vehicle is ready for transport.
    4. At pick-up, the carrier performs vehicle inspection and marks all the irregularities (if any) on a Bill of Lading.
    5. At delivery, another inspection is due. Confirm that your vehicle arrived intact and pay any remaining balance. In a very unlikely case of damages, make sure it’s all documented on the Bill of Lading, so you can start the claims process.

The pick-up and delivery inspections are the two very important steps in the auto transport process. Make sure you are aware of how pre- and post-shipping inspections are done and what a proper Bill of Lading looks like.

If you are one of those people who like to do their own research first, we encourage you to browse through our Questions and Shipping a Car sections as well as our blog where we share the ABCs of shipping a car. Also, check what other customers have to say about our service on reviews websites such as TrustPilot or simply Google our name for more customer reviews online.

Call our team at (818) 850-5258 to discuss your options and price now. Our logistics experts are experienced and especially knowledgeable when it comes to vehicle shipping. Or request an auto transport quote right on this page!

Moving to Seattle from New York because …

Experts anticipate 28% increase in population and 40% increase in employment by 2040 in the region. You will not be sorry if you make Seattle your new home. The city of Seattle is the cultural and economic center of the Pacific Northwest with the population of 650,000 residents. The Emerald City is surrounded by two mountain ranges, Puget Sound, and the Lake Washington. Olympic National park on the Olympic Peninsula is just a few hours away from the city. There, nature lovers can go hiking in one of the largest temperate rainforests in the world. Mount Rainier National park features Mt.Rainier – a backdrop for the iconic Seattle skyline.

Even within the city, there are miles of walking and bike paths. No wonder Seattle is constantly rated as one of the healthiest and most active cities in the country. Seattleites support sport in all its manifestations, that is why Seattle Hawks is considered the team with the loudest fans in the NFL.

There is no shortage of delicious food in Seattle either – from exotic delicacies in the International District to dining on fresh seafood downtown. Until you’ve made friends with the locals, turn to Yelp and TripAdvisor for advice on the tastiest features of Seattle.

For all the culture aficionados, Seattle offers an array of attractions and activities – Seattle Opera, the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company, the Seattle Symphony, and the Paramount Theater among others. The Emerald City is also famous for its eclectic arts and music scene – Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Jimmy Hendrix: they have all started in Seattle.

Seattle is a desirable place to do business and start a family, thanks to the continuing growth of the region. Aviation and technology are key parts of the city’s economy and include companies like Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon. It’s become a hub for new ideas and technologies causing start-ups to flock to the Emerald City. It was named the fourth strongest local economy in America in 2014 by Policom Corporation Annual Economic Strength Rankings. For information on the local labor market and to see how you might fit in, check with the Security Employment Department .

Greater Seattle is equally distant from London and Tokyo – 9 hours by plane to either city.Its marine ports are also closer to Asia than any other major ports in the United States’ West Coast. Nearly ¾ of the state’s exports originate in central Puget Sound and it’s estimated 1 in 3 jobs is tied to international trade. Hence the logistics industry certainly is part of the backbone of the state’s economy.

Seattle is also considered one of the greenest cities in the US due to its commitment to Green Building. Environmentally certified homes make up 45 percent of the city’s new home market. Seattleites rank high among the nation’s highly educated, the city was placed by Forbes in the top 10 “America’s Smartest Cities”.

Moving to Seattle with a car

Since you’ll be taking your vehicle with you, we did the legwork for you and here is what you should know. The state of Washington requires all new drivers and residents to take both a written exam and driving test. Although, as a new resident, if you present a valid driving license from another state within 30 days of becoming a Washington resident, written and driving tests will be waived. A six-year license will cost you $89.

You will also need to register and title your vehicle within 30 days of its arrival to the state. You can do so by mail or by visiting a local vehicle licensing office. For more information, including details and requirements for vehicle registration, check with the Washington State Department of Licensing .

Or moving to New York from Seattle

In case you are making your way to the Big Apple from Seattle, continue reading. Moving to New York can simultaneously be amazing and terrifying. Home to one of the most beautiful skylines in the world, cultural and culinary mecca, a city with countless things to do and see, New York is also a place with tiny apartments, exaggerated prices, dreadful traffic jams, and less than perfect public transportation system.

Whatever reason takes you and your vehicle(s) to the Big Apple, you may find our Moving to New York guide helpful. In a nutshell, we’ll tell you about what to expect in terms of living costs, finding a job, and entertainment.

When it gets to your driving privileges, just like in the state of Washington, you’ll have 30 days from the day you become a New York state resident to exchange your out-of-state driving license. You will have to pay a $10 application fee and the original license fee that varies between $64.25 and $107.25 depending on your age, type of license, and your place of residence. In the state of New York, you also have the opportunity to apply for an enhanced driver’s license.

You will need to title and register your vehicle in the state of New York within 30 days of its arrival. You will also need to show proof of NY automobile liability insurance to comply with the state’s requirements. For more details on required documentation, fees, and to find the DMV office closest to you, consult the official website of New York state.

To get a quote and ship your vehicle with Corsia Logistics from New York to Seattle, or the other way around, call us at (818) 850-5258. Shipping a vehicle between New York and Seattle is easy with Corsia. We serve this route on a regular basis and we go above and beyond to provide superb shipping experience. We encourage you to ask questions because no question is too small, and we’ll be happy to help you understand how car shipping works. Thank you!