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Shipping a car from New York to Chicago

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Shipping a car from New York to Chicago- how much does it cost?

Review the main factors that control the cost to ship a car. Please, keep in mind that prices change weekly and that is why a price quote is good for one week only. Several factors play a role and it is important to understand that. The price does not depend only on the type of car or the type of car carrier. The distance matter, but it is also not the only factor. Please, check below for all factors that affect the cost to ship a car. 

Vehicle make & model

Smaller cars are cheaper to ship, while bigger vehicles are more expensive. Hence, the make and model of your vehicle affect the price.

Transport Type

Open auto transport is the standard and most affordable way to ship a car. Enclosed carrier costs more. So the type of carrier also affects the price.


More miles means less per mile. Shorter distances still consume gas and require the same amount of work, but in the end it is fewer miles traveled, which increases the price per mile.


Whether the car is coming and going to a major metro area or rural place matters. Fewer carriers travel to remote areas to pick-up or deliver vehicles.

Vehicle Condition

A vehicle that is not moving on its own power may require a winch or a forklift to be loaded. This increases the price.

Supply / Demand

At the end of the equation, we add current supply and demand. When demand is high the truck space is limited and this means higher prices.

Type of car shipping service to choose
Enclosed Auto Transport Corsia Logistics Porsche

Open auto transport is the standard vehicle shipping solutions. It works for all types of vehicles, and all distances. It is the fastest and the most affordable car shipping service. 

Enclosed auto transport is usually booked for high-end automobiles. It is perfect for your classic car or sports vehicle that cost more than $50,000. It is a premium service that provides full protection from road and weather elements. 

You may need expedited transport when and if you need your vehicle picked-up or delivered on an exact or by an exact date. This type of service cost more. 

A correctly quoted rate is a current market price that will ship a car now.

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Shipping a car from New York to Chicago

Moving to the Windy City

Chicago skyline

Chicago — the Windy City sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan that keeps stealing people’s hearts every year. There are various reasons why one would prefer to make Chicago their new home. With its warm atmosphere, great job opportunities, a mix of home construction styles, and breathtaking landscapes, the Windy City is ready to welcome anyone with open arms.

Currently, the city is home to over 2.7 million people, while the Chicago Metropolitan area has a population of over 9.5 million. Even though the city is the third largest in the US, its population is quite dense.

As you’re already used to New York’s humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers, and freezing cold winters with snowfalls, prepare to experience a similar climate in Chicago. The city has a humid continental climate with hot and humid summers and cold and snowy winters as well as worth-waiting climate during the spring and summer seasons.

Housing and Living Costs

Compared to New York City, housing and living costs in Chicago are less expensive. Consumer prices are around 23% lower, rent prices 44.52% lower, and restaurant prices 22.54% lower.

Depending on which area of Chicago you will relocate to, the housing cost and rent will vary a lot. If you rent an apartment or decide to buy a house away from the city center, expect prices to be less expensive.

Besides focusing you housing research on prices, you should also carefully pick a Chicago neighborhood, as they differ tremendously from one another. To give you a head start, Downtown, the Loop, River North, and the New East Side are some of the most preferred areas to live in Chicago.

Economy and Employment

With one of the most balanced economies, Chicago and its suburbs have currently the third-largest GMP in the US. There are also 29 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the city. These top companies among others, offer plenty of job opportunities for people trained in various industries.

Manufacturing, government, real estate, publishing, insurance, healthcare, food processing, and healthcare are the best industries at the moment that constantly have open job vacancies for people who have the skills and experience to work for them.

Things to see and do while in Chicago

Moving from a busy city like New York to yet another busy city like Chicago will give you one more reason to continue to work hard and play hard. Chicago blooms with fresh energy and has the ability to empower you and amaze you with its rich artistic life, great food, vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and last but not least, its music festivals.

With over 26 miles of shoreline, you will have lots of beach options to explore and enjoy during the summer, such as the 31st Street Beach, Rainbow Beach, Montrose Beach, North Avenue Beach, and Oak Street Beach.

Moving to Chicago with a car

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), the second-largest public transportation system in the US, serves not only the city of Chicago but all its 40 neighboring communities. Nevertheless, owning a car is always great if you live far away from work and don’t want to rely on public transport every time you need to go somewhere, be it for work, a night out, or a simple getaway weekend every once in a while.

As soon as you move to Chicago, you will have 30 days to register your car and obtain an Illinois auto insurance. For more info, check the DMV official website.

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