Shipping a car from Florida to North Carolina

Shipping a car from Florida to North Carolina

shipping a car from Florida to California

Learn how to ship a car from Florida to North Carolina! Request a quote online or call us!

Shipping your personal vehicle could be a dounting task, if you have never done it before. It is not like shipping a package. It is not like moving your household items either. Transporting a vehicle has its specifics. Here we will answer a few important questions for you.

What options do I have when shipping a car?

When you need to move a vehicle between two points, the most obvious solution that comes to mind is to top off the fuel tank and drive. Driving may be a good cost-effective option, if the distance is no greater than 300 miles, your car is in an excellent driving condition, and you don’t mind embarking on a brief road trip. The driving distance between Florida and South Carolina can be as short as 120 miles or it can be close to a thousand miles, depending on your start and end points within these two states.

What would be your best choice when the distance is longer than 300 miles? Do you happen to have more than one vehicle? Are you taking your off-roader to a race? Do you own a collectible classic car or an expensive luxury vehicle that you wouldn’t want to expose to adverse road conditions? What if your car doesn’t run under its own power? If any of these circumstances apply to you, then shipping is your best bet. In fact, private customers and businesses alike contract vehicle transporters daily. All you’ll need to do is find a reliable vehicle shipper and prepare your car for transport.

What to look for when choosing an auto transport company?

There is no company that is absolutely the best in the whole auto transport industry in the US. Yet, it’s extremely important that you choose carefully. If you are not vigilant enough, it’s easy to become a victim of a car shipping scam. On your quest for an auto transport company you will come across the following entities: carriers, brokers, car shipping lead generator websites and auction websites. We recommend you stay away from the last two. And whether you choose to work with a broker or a carrier, make sure it’s a reputable company.

Look at your potential shipper’s consumer ratings and read online reviews to learn about other customers’ experience. Although, don’t choose solely based on what people say. Check with FMCSA for the shipper’s licensing and background information as well as safety ratings. Pick up the phone and call. Ask questions.

The good companies will be transparent with you about their process and will explain how pricing works. They understand that in business, as in life, all the successful relationships run on trust.

What services does an auto transport company offer?

Typical auto transport services vary by company. Customers can choose based on the type of carrier and on the time frame of delivery. Corsia Logistics provides the following car shipping services:

  • open and enclosed car carrier
  • standard and expedited delivery

Corsia Logistics offers open car carrier transport and enclosed auto transport, and in both cases, it is a door-to-door delivery. Very rarely we ship cars from and to a terminal. Most individuals and businesses prefer door-to-door deliveries.

The other options customers need to consider is whether to pick a standard service or an expedited delivery. The distinction between the two is the time of delivery. A standard car shipping service usually means that a carrier will pick up your vehicle within five business days and deliver it within the number of days that mainly depends on the distance. Due to the nature of the auto transport industry, all dates and times are only estimates. Delays happen on the road often due to weather, traffic or other customers’ postponements.

Expedited delivery could guarantee that your car is picked up or delivered on or by a specified date and time. To accommodate the situation, however, the entire schedule of the truck will have to be arranged around your requested dates. So, expedited auto transport is always a more expensive service.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

Beyond a plain number, it’s important to understand the economics of a vehicle shipping quote. The cost to ship a car depends on a few factors:

  • Vehicle make and model
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Vehicle condition
  • Type of car carrier
  • Distance and location
  • Supply and demand

Each of these factors is important. Vehicle’s make and model and the distance set the base price for shipping. However, they are not deciding factors. The type of carrier and the vehicle condition always contribute to the price. Transporting a vehicle via an enclosed trailer is almost always more expensive. If a car doesn’t run under its own power, the cost of shipping increases. If a vehicle delivery is somewhere off the main routes, in a rural or hard to get to area, where not that many people are looking to ship their vehicles, you will need to make it worth the trucker’s time, effort, and extra gas expense. It means a higher price.

The deciding factor, however, is the current supply and demand situation on a given route. Fluctuations happen daily and that is why it is very important to track supply and demand constantly on national dispatch boards.

Corsia Logistics agents manually track daily auto transport rates fluctuations and quote current market prices that will ship your vehicle in a professional and timely manner.

We do not use car shipping quote calculator, because automated quotes do not reflect the most current market conditions. Some major factors that affect car shipping prices change daily, making it practically impossible for software’s preset parameters to provide an accurate

What documents do I need when shipping a car?

We do not need any vehicle or personal documents from you unless your vehicle is traveling abroad. At pick up, you or someone on your behalf needs to release the car and hand over the keys to the carrier, as well as sign the Bill of Lading (BOL). The BOL is not only your receipt but also an inspection report. When the carrier inspects the car at pick-up, you need to make sure that all existing damages, which includes dents and scratches, are marked down on the document. Then you sign the BOL and keep a copy for your records. The same applies for delivery.

Is my car insured during transport?

Yes, it is! The law requires every carrier to have cargo insurance. A car carrier cannot operate without an active insurance policy. When you are ready to book your order, discuss the insurance covergae you prefer.

Moving from Florida to the Tar Heel State

North Carolina is the 28 largest state in the US. With 10.27 million people living on its territory, it is also the 9th most populous. Often called the Tar Heel state, North Carolina is divided into 100 counties and is home to Research Triangle Park, the largest research park in the US.

During the recent years, a lot of people have been choosing North Carolina for its breathtaking natural landscapes and the booming business sector. The motto of NC is “Esse cam videri” which translates to “To be, rather than to seem.”

Due to their geographic location, both Florida and North Carolina have mainly the same weather, falling in the humid subtropical climate zone with high humidity. In this aspect, you will not have to adapt to climate change once you relocate to North Carolina unless you move to the mountains region which has a subtropical highland climate. Throughout the year, you will be able to experience the four seasons, but be prepared for hurricanes as well, though not as many as Florida gets.

Economic growth and employment

Between the year 2013 and 2016, North Carolina saw the fastest economic growth rate in the country. One of the key players in the economy of the state is the higher education. As mentioned above, the state is home to the largest research “Triangle Park” made of the North Carolina State University, Duke University, and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill which form a tech hub triangle. The UNC Chapel Hill is one of the largest employers in the entire state.

Among other top employers are companies like SAS Institute, IBM, Lowe’s Companies, Smithfield Foods, to name a few. With a diverse economy, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a well-paying job in industrial machinery and equipment, agriculture, food products, information technology, education, and healthcare.

Housing and living costs

In general, North Carolina is less expensive than Florida. If we compare Raleigh to Fort Lauderdale, Raleigh is 15% cheaper, with the housing 26% less expensive than in Fort Lauderdale.

An average housing price in North Carolina is $175,600, but depending on where in the state you are moving, you can find a one-bedroom home for around $108,000, or a two-bedroom home with an average price of $120,000. If you are planning to rent instead of buying, rental prices in North Carolina are below the national average.

One studio apartment costs less than $1000 per month, while a two-bedroom can cost about $1,120 per month. Depending on where in NC you will relocate, your cost of living will vary.

Things to do in North Carolina

Thanks to its great weather almost all-year round, there will be plenty of things for you to do and see once you move to NC. It doesn’t matter if you are a beach person or prefer the mountains. North Carolina is a perfect state for both, and everyone can have the time of their lives wherever they prefer the most.

With its beautiful Atlantic Coast, the Appalachian Mountains and Piedmont Region, the state offers plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, barbecuing, surfing, biking, kayaking, rafting, and rock climbing. North Carolina is also well known for its must-visit waterfalls, the Biltmore Estate, and the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway.

Moving to North Carolina with a car

When you move to North Carolina with a car you will need to replace your out-of-state driver’s license as well as register your car within 30 days after you establish your residency. As a new resident, you won’t have to get your car inspected the first time you register it, but you will have to get it inspected when you renew your registration. In order to register your car you will need to apply for your driver’s license first, and then submit the required documents to your local DMV office.

At Corsia Logistics, we go above and beyond to provide our customers and their cars with the best service and exceed all expectations. Committed to making every relocation easy and affordable, we take pride in offering very personalized service to every one of our customers. If it’s your first time shipping a car, our logistics experts will walk you through the process and recommend the option that suits your particular situation best. Request an auto transport quote online now or call us with questions. Thank you!