Shipping a car from Florida to Connecticut

Shipping a car from Florida to Connecticut

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How much does it cost to ship a car from Florida to Connecticut?

Vehicle make and model together with the distance set the base price for shipping. Then the choice of car carrier type plays a role into the equation. Picking up and delivering a vehicle to and from a rural area is a logistical challenge that usually costs more. However, the deciding factor of all is the current supply and demand situation on a given route.

We track market fluctuations daily and quote realistic market prices that will ship your vehicle in a timely manner.
Shipping a car from Florida to Connecticut is easy. Here we share our expertise and go over the key points of vehicle shipping. Our experienced logistics coordinators will walk you through the steps of the car shipping process and help you select the right service.

What documents do I need when shipping a car?

Domestic transport is easy and simple. You or someone on your behalf needs to release the vehicle to the carrier at pick-up. The person at pick-up will also need to sign a Bill of Lading (BOL). The BOL is not only a receipt but also an inspection report. When the carrier inspects the car you need to check with him that all existing damages are marked down before you sign the inspection report. Never sign a blank or incomplete document and don’t forget to get your copy before the driver leaves the site.

What types of services does an auto transport company offer?

In general, you’ll have a choice based on the type of carrier and on the time frame of delivery. Corsia Logistics provides the following car shipping services:

  • by carrier type: open and enclosed trailer
  • by time frame: standard and expedited delivery

Open auto transport works perfectly for all kinds of automobiles. This is the standard in the industry and it is perfectly safe. Enclosed car carriers are preferred option for high-end and classic automobiles. These are covered trailers that provide full protection.

What are my options when shipping a car from Florida to Connecticut?

When you need to move a vehicle from one location to another your two main option – driving the car or shipping the car.

If you have free time driving is great, as you can enjoy being two days behind the wheel. However, when the distance is greater than 200 miles, driving is simply a burden and waste of time for most snowbirds and transplants. Shipping saves you time and energy. It also spares your car unnecessary wear and tear. Simply choose the type of transport, choose your dates and prepare your vehicle. We schedule the truck and then it takes 3 to 5 days to deliver the car to your destination.

Moving to Connecticut from Florida

As it happens with many other places, moving to Connecticut will probably not be what you had imagined. It will certainly be different than Florida. What people are saying is that most of Connecticut is not wealthy, as many would expect. A major city is New Haven where you will find Yale University, which is an integral part of the city’s economy being the biggest taxpayer and employer, a landmark almost all Americans know.

New Haven is the cultural capital of the state with its numerous museums, established theaters, and music venues. The city was founded in 1628 by English Puritans, just like many other cities in New England. Before the European arrival, the area was inhabited by the Quinnipiac tribe of Native Americans. For more history and facts you should definitely visit the Wiki page and maybe a local library.

Now, just thinking about all this history and European influence one can quickly get a grip of the main differences between Connecticut and Florida. Surely Florida has history, but it is of a different essence. The New England region of the United States is certainly the most European in feel and structure. It is because the first Europeans settled there and because, just as most of Europe, New England offers all four seasons, unlike Florida. So, from nature to culture the difference is quite tangible. Some formalities though are the same in every state. When moving to Connecticut from Florida you should get familiar with all the state agencies responsible for registrations and licensing.

Why do people want to leave where they live?

We would think that people move because they are looking for a better quality of life. But the truth is that most people move due to work or family. Opportunities often overbear the search for quality life based on an index. Most people believe that where there are business opportunities there will be a better life and a happier family.

A desire for belonging is often a reason to move to a new state, city, or country. Growing roots and being part of a community is an ancient belonging all humans deeply long for, and today it is reflected in people’s constant move, search for belonging. Although many would argue, it is the search for new places, for places to start over or simply experience new things. Doctors, psychologist, and philosophers have claimed that this is a perfunctory reason we want to believe, while the deeply innate reason is the desire for belonging. Whatever the reason, moving is often the best thing to do and nothing should stop you if you really want it, whether you are moving from Florida to Connecticut or from New York to Los Angeles.

We are well known for providing our customers with manual quotes and very personalized service. Our agents actually keep track of the market fluctuations on all national dispatch boards, at all times, and thus calculate current market prices manually. Many other companies use car shipping quote calculator to provide a quote, which usually means you are not getting the most current market price. This practice and these companies’ contracts allow them to later call and ask for more money. We never do that.

We also provide superb customer care. It is important to us that every client understands how car shipping works. When you call us we will walk you through the different car shipping steps and help you understand the whole process. Thank you.