Shipping a car from Chicago to Seattle

Shipping a car from Chicago to Seattle Guide

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Learn how shipping a car works. Review our guide and request a quote online or call. We are here to help.

The reasons for shipping a car from Chicago to Seattle are abundant. But shipping a car is not like shipping a package. For flawless experience, invest some time to understand the basics of auto transport. We’ve compiled this guide to help you learn how car shipping works. Below, you’ll find answers to the following questions:

  1. What are my options when shipping a car from Chicago to Seattle?
  2. What services do auto transport companies offer?
  3. How much does it cost to ship a car from Chicago to Seattle?
  4. What documents do I need to ship a car?
  5. Is my car insured during transport?

What are my options when shipping a car from Chicago to Seattle?

The first alternative is to drive all the way from Chicago to Seattle. Stop right there. The driving distance between the two cities exceeds 2000 miles. Traversing a distance like that is not something you do on a whim. This kind of a road trip would require a great amount of planning, cost and time-based. Moreover, have to make sure that both you and your car are prepared to handle the endurance demands on an extended haul.

The distance may not be your only concern. Do you have more than one vehicle and not enough drivers? Do you own a collectible classic car or an expensive luxury vehicle that you wouldn’t want to expose to adverse road conditions? Your car doesn’t run under its own power? If any of these circumstances apply to you, then hiring a professional auto transport company would be your most affordable and convenient option.

Private customers and businesses alike contract vehicle transporters daily. All you need to do is find a reliable auto transporter, like Corsia Logistics, and make sure your car is ready for shipping.

What services do auto transport companies offer?

When transporting your car with Corsia Logistics, you will have a choice between open and enclosed transport, standard and expedited shipping, and door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery. Additionally, you’ll be able to request top-load for your vehicle for an extra fee. It all depends on your budget, timeframe, the level of protection you choose for your vehicle, and pick up/delivery locations.

Open auto transport is a standard shipping method and also the most affordable. Your car will be shipped on a double-deck trailer designed to carry up to 10 vehicles at a time. Small one- or two-car open carriers are used for local, less than 300 miles, and expedited deliveries.

If you are looking to add an extra layer of protection for your vehicle, you can choose to ship it via enclosed auto transport. Enclosed trailers have soft or hard side cover that protects vehicles from destructive weather and road elements. Most of these trailers are designed to haul between 5 and 7 cars at a time. Although a single-vehicle enclosed trailer may be available upon request. Due to the extra protection it offers, enclosed auto transport is a pricier option.

Whether you are shipping via open or enclosed auto transport, you can request a top-load for your vehicle. For an extra fee, your car will travel on a top-deck of a trailer, which ensures against possible leaks from other vehicles.

If you are on a tight timeline and need your vehicle to be delivered on or by an exact date, request expedited shipping. Guaranteed delivery is a premium service that comes with a premium price.

Door-to-door delivery is a standard service among auto transporters. It means that the vehicle will be picked up and delivered as close to your door as legally possible. Most Corsia Logistics deliveries are door-to-door. Very rarely we ship vehicles to and from a terminal. Depending on your particular circumstances, this service may or may not be the most beneficial and cost-effective.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Chicago to Seattle?

The price from and to any destination is never a flat rate we can state right now. Several variables decide the final cost of shipping a vehicle.

  • Vehicle make, model, and modifications
  • Vehicle condition: operable or non-operable
  • Type of car carrier: open or enclosed
  • Distance and location
  • Standard or expedited delivery
  • Supply and demand

Each and every factor is important when we determine the right cost to ship a vehicle from Chicago to Seattle. Vehicle’s make and model and the distance set the base price for shipping. However, they are not the deciding factors. The type of carrier and the vehicle condition always affect the price. When an enclosed trailer is requested, it’s almost always more expensive. If a car is not running under its own power, the cost of shipping increases. When you are in a rush and need your vehicle delivered fast, you’ll have to pay more for expedited shipping.

However, usually, a deciding factor is the current supply and demand situation on a given route. Fluctuations happen daily and that is why it is very important to track supply and demand constantly on national dispatch boards.

Our team of logistics experts tracks prices manually and quote realistic current market prices that will ship your vehicle in a professional and timely fashion.

What documents do I need to ship a car from Chicago to Seattle?

Unless your vehicle is traveling abroad, we don’t need any documents from you. Domestic shipping is simple. You or someone on your behalf will need to release the car, together with the keys, to a carrier at pick up and sign the Bill of Lading (BOL). BOL is not only a receipt but also an important inspection report. BOL is an important document don’t lose or misplace it. Also, before signing it, check that the carrier driver marked down all the existing damages. Never sign a blank or incomplete document and make sure to receive a copy before the driver leaves the pick up site.

Is my car insured during transport?

Yes, it is. Legally all auto transporters must carry a minimum amount of insurance. Carrier’s cargo insurance protects your vehicle against damages during loading, unloading, and transit and covers anything from theft, dents, and scratches to a total loss of a car. Liability limits, though, will vary from carrier to carrier. If your vehicle is especially valuable, make sure to discuss the insurance information with your potential shipper.

Moving to America’s Queen City


Well known for its tolerance and liberal views, as of 2018, the seaport city of Seattle is home to an estimated population of 725,000 residents. Situated on the west coast of the US, Seattle is not only the largest city in the state of Washington but also in the whole Pacific Northwest region of North America.

If you are a food and coffee lover, fascinated by technology and books, you will never regret moving from Chicago to America’s Queen City.


seattle weather

Unlike Windy City’s humid continental climate with very cold and snowy winters, Seattle has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate with cool, rainy winters as well as mild and relatively dry summers. Don’t be fooled by Seattle’s rain though — as it is more like a mist, you won’t need to carry an umbrella. Avoid carrying one if you don’t want to look like a tourist. Moreover, once you spend your first summer in Seattle, you will realize that you won’t even miss Chicago summers. They are as lovely in Chicago and sometimes can last until the end of September.

Seattle neighborhoods


Picking the right neighborhood can often feel like a daunting task, especially since Seattle is made up of so many neighborhoods. Ballard, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Greenlake, Issaquah Highlands, Magnolia, Phinney Ridge, Queen Anne, Wallingford, and West Seattle are among the most preferred ones in the city. But choosing the best one for you depends on your lifestyle and specific circumstances. This Seattle Neighborhoods Guide might come in handy if you haven’t picked a neighborhood yet.

Housing and Cost of Living

Seattle’s cost of living is over 20% more expensive than the national average. According to Sperling’s Best Places, the cost of living in Seattle is 59% more expensive than Chicago, mainly due to Seattle’s high housing prices. The Median Home Cost in Seattle is 179% more expensive.

Finding a job in Seattle

Finding a good job that you’ll love is not that hard in Seattle. With major employers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Costco, Expedia, Expeditors International, Boeing, Paccar, and Weyerhaeuser, you will have plenty of options and job vacancies to choose from, no matter your expertise. Since Seattle is also very high on tech, you will also be able to find your dream job in the tech industry. The city was ranked the best in the States for tech jobs in 2012 by Forbes.

Seattle attractions

Seattle-Space-NeedleOne of the best things about the lively city of Seattle is that you can do any activity imaginable there. Whether you want to visit a museum, stroll in the park, ski or snowboard in the winter, swim or learn to surf, the city will be there for you offering the best possible conditions to indulge in all of your favorite hobbies.


Make sure you visit the Space Needle, the Seattle Great Wheel, Original Starbucks, Pike Place Market, and Bill Gates House. Museums like Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum, the Museum of History and Industry, the Seattle Art Museum, and parks such as Gasworks Park, Madison Park, Discovery Park, and Magnuson Park are also a must visit.


Moving to Seattle with a car

As soon as you establish your move in Seattle, as a new resident, you will have 30 days to register and title your vehicle. You can do so by sending all the paperwork by mail, or by visiting your local licensing office in person. The car insurance is not required in order to get your car registered, but in the State of Washington, you have to get your car insured if you don’t want to end up paying unnecessary fines.

To read more about car registration in Seattle, visit the official website of the Washington State Department of Licensing.