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Shipping a car from Chicago to California Guide

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Do you need to transport your car from Chicago to the Golden State? The distance between the Windy City and California is well over 2000 miles. Unless your middle name is spontaneity, you don’t embark on a quest like this without any prior preparation. Should you drive your car or should you hire a shipping company to deliver it to California? If your lifetime dream isn’t to follow the famous Route 66, and you don’t happen to have at least a week of free time on your hands, we say call us now to discuss your shipping needs and budget.

The task of shipping a car may seem daunting, especially if you have never done it before. But once you get a bit more familiar with how auto transport works, you will feel more comfortable entrusting your vehicle in the hands of a car transporter. After all that is what professional auto haulers do, they transport vehicles for a living.

What are the steps to transport a car from Chicago to California?

Shipping a car from Chicago to California is a straightforward process. Below is how it works with Corsia Logistics:

  1. Fill out our online quote request, give us a call, or chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable logistics experts. To provide you with the most accurate estimate we will ask you to share certain information about your vehicle with us, as well as where in California you are looking to ship and what type of service you prefer. Based on that we calculate your car shipping quote.
  2. After you’ve received a quote, agreed to the price and our terms and conditions, and secured your spot on a carrier’s truck with a deposit, we will schedule a pick-up date for your vehicle.  When we assign a carrier, you will receive an e-mail with dispatch notification confirmation with an estimated pick-up date and a trucker’s phone number.
  3. Usually, the carrier picks up your vehicle one to five business days from your first available date. Due to the nature of the industry, we can only provide you with estimated pick up and delivery dates. Unplanned for issues like breakdowns, traffic and weather conditions can cause potential delays. No one likes it. But truckers drive all over the country picking up and dropping off their loads, and sometimes they get thrown off their schedules.
  4. Make sure your car is ready for shipping. Give it a good wash and make sure there are no leaks or mechanical issues.
  5. At pick-up, the driver completes an inspection report before loading. We encourage you to take detailed photos of your car before loading. In a very unlikely case of damages, they serve as proof of your vehicle’s pre-loading condition.
  6. When your car is picked up, ask your driver about his best guess for an estimated delivery date. If there are no delays, transit time from Chicago to California should take between 6 and 8 days based on exact delivery address. Our dispatchers, in turn, will do their best to keep you updated on any transit time deviations.
  7. At delivery, the carrier inspects the vehicle again and unloads it as close to your door as possible. Confirm that your vehicle has arrived intact, sign the Bill of Lading and pay any remaining balance. In case of damage, make sure it’s all noted on the Bill of Lading, so you can start the claims process.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

Often, customers are looking for the lowest price. But beyond the figure, it’s important to understand how car shipping quote is calculated. Let’s take a look at the factors affecting the cost to ship a vehicle.

Distance and pick-up/delivery location.

We already know you are shipping from Chicago; therefore, your vehicle’s final destination within the Golden State will be one of the factors affecting your car shipping quote.

It’s important to consider how far off the interstate and state highways the delivery point is. If it’s somewhere in a rural area and off main routes, where not that many people are looking to ship their automobiles, you will need to make it worth the trucker’s time and effort and extra gas expense by paying a higher price.

If your car is traveling to one of the most popular destinations like Los Angeles or San Francisco, where truckers have more opportunities to pick up and deliver vehicles, you have a pretty good chance of getting a break on price.

Your vehicle’s make and model.

SUVs or trucks are less desirable loads for auto haulers because of size and weight. Therefore, you’ll have to pay a little extra to have these types of vehicles transported. Also, don’t forget to mention any modifications done to your vehicle. For example, lower vehicle clearance or 4X4 lift kit will require additional assistance or special preparations that will add to the cost of shipping.

Vehicle condition.

Whether your vehicle is operable or not will also affect the cost of shipping. If your car can not move on its own, it has to booked as “non-running.” The trucker will need to engage some extra help (a winch or a forklift); therefore, you’ll have to pay extra.

Open or Enclosed Transport.

The most popular method of transporting vehicles is via open trailers. Even car dealerships use it to move new cars throughout the country. This type of transport is considered standard and more economical as well.

If you are shipping a luxury, classic, or collectible automobile, we always recommend an enclosed trailer. It’s more expensive, but in return offers extra protection from road and weather elements. Enclosed transport represents only 10 percent of the entire national fleet. Therefore, if you chose this type of service, allow more time for car shipping as it may take a little longer to assign a trucker to transport your car.

Supply/Demand Situation.

Seasonal fluctuations definitely have an effect on car shipping prices. Between May and September – most popular months for moving and traveling as well as during the snowbirds season be prepared to pay a higher price for car transport on certain routes.

Car shipping may also get a bit complicated during winter holidays (end of December through the beginning of January) when a lot of transporters take some time off to spend with their families; this decreases the supply of trucks on the market, and as a result, car shipping rates go up. In general, auto transport prices can change daily, and that is why we track the prices manually and quote prices manually.


Why hire Corsia Logistics to move your vehicle from Chicago to California?

Corsia Logistics is one of America’s favorite car shippers. We love our customers and always go above and beyond to provide them and their cars with the best customer service and exceed all expectations. In turn, our customers refer to us as trustworthy and professional. Whether you are moving to start a new life in a new city and taking your car(s) with you or just need to transport a vehicle you bought online; we are here to give you a hand.

We are a small family-owned business, and this is our major advantage. As a family, we take pride in offering personal service. When you call our office, you will speak with one of our logistics experts who will accompany you from start to finish to ensure smooth vehicle shipping process. Your agent will recommend the right auto transport option tailored to your specific situation.

All our quotes are manual; we do not utilize software to provide you with an estimate. Our agents track daily price fluctuations on the national dispatch boards so we can give you the most accurate price and the most recent market information. And do not worry, we do not sell your contact information to third parties.

We encourage you to browse our Questions and Shipping a car sections to learn more about how auto shipping works as well terms and conditions of shipping. If you are still left with questions, call to speak with one of our logistics experts or chat with us online.

Moving from Chicago to California

Relocating from Chicago for good? Or at least for a good amount of time? We are sure you have a valid reason for living a true mecca of architecture, world-famous museums, and all things culture. We are also sure you’ll enjoy your new life in California.

Here are a few facts about California.

California is the most populous and one of the largest states in the US. If you ever decided to go on a cross-California trip, it would take you approximately 15 hours to drive from its southern most tip, north of the Mexican border, all the way to Oregon; which is roughly 800 miles of road that takes you through deserts, flat lands, mountains, and forests.

California’s six largest metropolitan areas by population are:

Los Angeles – Long Beach – Santa Ana with approximately 12.8 million inhabitants;

San Francisco – Oakland – Freemont: 4.3 million of inhabitants;

Riverside – San Bernardino – Ontario: 4.2 million people;

San Diego – Carlsbad – San Marcos: 3 million people;

Sacramento – Arden – Arcade – Roseville: approximately 2.1 million inhabitants;

San Jose – Sunnyvale – Santa Clara: about 1.8 million people.

Official statistics show that the median household income in California is $61,933 versus the national average of $53,657; which means that for the same amount of work in California you get paid more than in the rest of the country.

The State of California Employment Development Department is the main source for finding jobs in California private or public sector as well as locating job fairs and training events to visit. California is home to Silicon Valley, an epicenter of information and technology, a dream workplace for every IT professional. The Golden State also presents you with a wide array of employment opportunities in other lucrative industries like aerospace, agriculture, international trade, wine production, oil, renewable energy.

Since you are moving to California with your vehicle, you will have to comply with the State regulations on vehicle registration and driver’s licensing. Visit California Department of Motor Vehicles for detailed information. For voter’s registration go to California Secretary of State. One stop tax help place for those who are new to California is California Tax Service Center whose goal is to provide you with useful taxpayer resources and educational programs.

And last but not least, California offers you a myriad of exciting opportunities when it gets to art and culture of Hispanic and Western American influence. The state boasts its diverse music scene, being the birthplace of surf rock, funk rock, and a number of experimental musical styles. Jack London, Robert Frost, John Muir – some of the most influential literary authors, also come from California.

And you can not disregard the Golden States’s food and beverage scene. You’ll get to savor the fusion dishes of Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian, and Indian cuisines which Californians claim to be the most delectable in the world. And of course, California’s Napa valley is home to some of the best tasting wines that don’t fail to impress the pickiest wine connoisseurs.

If you would like to talk to our logistics experts to discuss the process and schedule your auto transport please call us at (818) 850-5258. To make a booking online please request a quote and we will send you an email with a quote and more information on how to reserve a spot on a truck. Happy car shipping!