Shipping a car from Boston to Florida

Shipping a Car from Boston to Florida

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Going south is something many people do to avoid the cold winter air in the northern states. Arizona, Texas and California are some of the warmer alternatives. Yet, Florida remains a favorite coastal destination. Whether you are a seasonal worker, vacationer or a snowbird, now is the time for you to plan your time in Florida.

How much does it cost to ship a car Boston to Florida?

Auto transport cost depends on several variables.The base price is defined by the vehicle make and model, type of transport and distance. However, auto transport prices can change in a matter of hours, as supply and demand fluctuations happen daily. We track peaks and drops around the clock, and quote current market prices. It is critical to calculate a current price to ship a car now.
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Why shipping your car?

Driving for over 1,000 miles is not only time consuming, it is exhausting. When you are on the road for a long time, and you know you have much more to go, your mind and body get tired quickly. And as we know from professionals drivers, fatigue is one of drivers’ biggest enemies.

Auto transport gives you the pleasure of enjoying your time while a reliable partner takes care of your vehicle. It saves time and money, especially on car repair from extensive driving. Your comfort is guaranteed as long as you follow the process carefully and choose an experienced partner like Corsia.

What services does Corsia offer?

Corsia Logistics customers can choose based on type of carrier and on time frame of delivery.

  1. by type of carrier – open or enclosed car
  2. by delivery time frame – standard or expedited

Corsia Logistics offers open and enclosed auto transport carriers, and in both cases it is a door-to-door delivery. The other options customers need to consider is whether to schedule a standard service or an expedited delivery. The difference is the time of delivery, and if requested in the time of pick-up. Expedited services cost extra.

Open auto transport is the standard and the cheaper of the two. You have the opportunity to use one of several types of trailers, including a single vehicle hotshot trailer or a single-level multi car carrier. The latter can be quite useful if you want to ship your and your friend’s RVs down to Florida, for example.

Enclosed auto transport, also known as covered car transport, uses trailers that are completely covered. In this case your vehicle is fully protected. If you are shipping a luxury vehicle or a classic car, this is the type of transport you want. Enclosed transport drivers are experienced in handling high-end automobiles daily.

How long does it take to ship a car?

People often ask how long the shipping process would take. The answer is usually 2 to 3 days. Yet, no matter how many times we ship vehicles from Boston to Florida. The transit time often varies based on several factors that affect trucking. Hence, do not expect exact dates to be quoted, unless you pay a premium for exact dates or expedited service.

The fastest way to ship a car is usually via open car carrier. Open carriers are almost 90 percent of the whole fleet in the US and this makes them readily available. This is why it is always faster to schedule an open car carrier than enclosed. We recommend to our customers to book their service about two weeks in advance. Any time earlier than that does not guarantee lower rate or faster service.

At Corsia, there is an option for expedited auto shipping, too. An expedited service means that you will get your vehicle on an exact date, or by an exact date. The higher price guarantees the dates you request for both pick-up and delivery.

Moving to the Sunshine State

Get excited about the weather. Literally and sarcastically. You will experience summer temperatures in the 80-90s on a daily basis. But you will also enjoy New Year’s Eve in shorts and T-shirt. If you are moving to Florida just for the heat and the sun, you might as well think twice. Sunny as we know it, Florida is also the capital of lightnings and storms.

The state is also famous for the hurricanes that regularly hit the peninsula. Hurricanes to Florida are like earthquakes to California now. The areas most likely to endure a hurricane are the southern tip, the east coast and the gulf coast along the panhandle. Funny fact is that Disney World has never been a target for hurricanes. Miracle indeed?

Not to make it too traumatic, but let’s not forget humidity as well. On most days, the humidity adds around 5 to 10 degrees to the heat. So, get used to fluffy hair before your arrival to the Sunny state.

Meet the Floridians

In the past couple of years weather conditions triggered reactions from politicians in the state as well. They claim that South Florida experienced harsher climate change and sea-level issues than the north part of the states. The unfair advantage of the north makes it hard for the whole state to get support. This is why the mayor of Miami proposed a resolution to split the state in two. Might sound crazy to some, but to others this is not news at all.

People who have visited Florida confirm that there are differences in the atmosphere in the two regions, too. Usually, the panhandle is considered socially conservative and more economically disadvantaged. The northwest Florida’s economy depends primarily on military bases, beach tourism, agriculture and fishing.

By contrast, central and southern Florida has theme parks, NASA and a very strong defense contracting industry. Naturally, this defines the diversity in people, too. Their mentality and attitude towards life is rather different, so make sure you do your research in advance. Visit the two Floridas, meet locals and get a feel of the environment before you settle down

The Sunshine State was also named the Land of Flowers by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León in 1513. The state continues to attract new inhabitants every day thanks to its great weather, low housing costs, zero state income tax, rich cultural scene, and the longest in the nation picture-perfect coastline (over 1300 miles).

Despite the hurricanes and high humidity, the population of Florida continues to grow. With almost 21 million inhabitants, the state is currently the third most populous in the nation. Compared to Boston’s humid continental climate with freezing winters, especially during the month of January, Florida’s climate is mostly subtropical with lots of hurricanes that occur throughout the state.

Most parts of the state have a mild weather during the winter, and its summers are usually hot and humid. Its northern part experiences a subtropical climate, while tropical weather reigns in the southern part of the state.

Housing and Living Costs

They say South Florida and North Florida differ so much, be it in climate, culture, nightlife, atmosphere, it feels like they are not part of the same state. That is why you should do your research first and pick one side before you decide whether you should buy or rent once you move there. These cities are among the most popular ones: Pensacola with Median Home Price (MHP) – $136,300, Jacksonville (MHP – $154,700), Tallahassee (MHP-$168,800), Orlando (MHP – $171,000), Clearwater (MHP – $208,400), St. Petersburg (MHP – $185,000), Tampa (MHP – $187,400), Fort Myers (MHP – $204,100), Sarasota (MHP – $272,800), Fort Lauderdale (MHP – $289,300), and last but not least, Miami with MHP – $303,000.

If you move to Florida’s capital Tallahassee, for example, expect the cost of living prices to drop by more than 44% compared to Boston.

Economy and Employment

According to a report by the Bureau of Economic Analysis on March 2018, Florida had a GDP of $967.3 billion in 2017, ranking in the fourth position in the US. The state’s economy is mainly fueled by trade, financial services, manufacturing, construction, and transportation services. Its tourism keeps thriving and contributing to the economy and is also mixing Florida’s culture even more.

Job opportunities in the Sunshine State are also abundant, with open job positions in various industries. In 2011, the state was named the third best state for business in the US. So if you plan to open your own business and be your own boss, Florida is one of the ideal states to do so.

Things to Do in Florida

Life in Florida is so much more than just living by the beach and practicing your swimming and surfing skills. Even though the state is the lowest highest point in the US, it still offers great hiking opportunities, and other outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, bicycling, and many more.

As a golf state, it offers golf lovers the terrain they need to practice their favorite sport as well. Universal Orlando, Florida Keys, South Beach, Magic Kingdom, Everglades National Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are just a few things you need to add and hopefully cross off your bucket list as soon as you possibly can.

Moving to Florida with a car

Since Florida is too spread out, getting around in the Land of Flowers would be too hard without a car. Therefore, if you are moving there with your car, you will automatically make your life easier and save yourself the stress.

Once you establish your move in this exciting and full-of-life state, you will have up to 30 days to register and title your car with your local DHSMV. Keep in mind that you will have to register and title your car at the same time in order to legally drive it. If you need more info on the documents you need to prepare, make sure you read all the specific details about car registration in advance.