Los Angeles Car Shipping

Los Angeles auto transport company

A vehicle is not only a fancy asset, but rather a daily necessity. When moving you will need to ship your car. As a Los Angeles auto transport company we haul vehicles to and from L.A, daily and we provide reliable car shipping services. If you are moving to Los Angeles request your car shipping quote now online or call us.


How does vehicle transport work?

  1. Find a company
  2. Check insurance and license
  3. Request a quote
  4. Book your service

It is as simple as that. When you contact Corsia Logistics we will answer all of your questions and walk you through the process of shipping a vehicle, so you feel at ease. Our logistics experts have years of experience and understand the value of every vehicle.


Find a Los Angeles Car Shipping Company

The first step is to find an auto transport company that serves your route. If you need auto transport from Los Angeles to New York then make sure the company serves this route. Some companies for example transport cars from Los Angeles to San Francisco only, and everything in between. In this case these are local companies that provide car shipping service within California.

Insurance and License when shipping a car to Los Angeles

When shipping a car it is important to verify the company’s license and insurance policy. This should be a quick check on the phone with the company. Many companies have posted their license numbers on their website, but you can always ask and check online on the FMCSA website.

Request an auto transport rate

After you have confirmed that a company serves the route you need then you need to request your car shipping rate. You can always check online for average auto transport rates for this particular distance. This will help you determine whether the rate you have is reasonable or not. Ask if the service will be door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. Some companies serve only terminals and may ask for additional money to deliver your car to your requested address.

Corsia Logistics provides door-to-door auto transport service and we will always ship your vehicle as close to your door as legally possible.

Booking your auto transport service to Los Angeles!

Booking your car shipping service is not exactly the last step. It means you have chosen the transporter and the time frame for shipping. After that comes vehicle pick-up and delivery. An important part you need to pay attention to is the vehicle condition report or also called a Bill of Lading. This is a document the carrier completes at pickup and delivery. Make sure the carrier inspects your vehicle completely before loading it onto the trailer. It is very important to mark down any previous damages. On delivery this will help you determine whether there are any damages caused during transport.

Additional information: Broker and Carrier facts when shipping a car

Some automobile logistics companies are both carriers and brokers (auto transport management companies). Car transport carrier companies can not serve every single route in the US and therefore they work with broker companies, or they obtain broker license.

Most carriers are small independent companies who serve only one or two routes and all their customers come from brokers. The broker is the connection between you (the shipper) and the auto transporter. This is how the industry operates – brokers, carriers and customers are tightly connected. Just like in many other industries – in the auto transport shipping cannot happen without brokers or carriers of course. This is what drives this industry to stay competitive and not monopolized.

A good broker company will stay in touch with you from pick-up to delivery. After your car is picked up the carrier becomes your primary point of contact, but any good broker will tell you can count on them and call their number at any time with questions.

For more information check the state of California official website and make sure to check the details on traffic in Los Angeles here. For questions please call us at (818) 850-5258. To request a vehicle hauling quote click the button above, go to our car transport quote section or call.