Enclosed car transport California


Before we talk about Enclosed Car Transport California, let us ask you a question. Are you are one of those enthusiasts who owns a piece of history and probably visit classic car shows often? And each of this shows is dear to you. Which makes the transportation of your classic car to every show important. Enclosed car transport is the right choice!

Your vintage Chevy might be your most expensive possession. Your shipping partner should be able to guarantee that your 1941 Lincoln ,for example, will get to its next show safely.

The hobby of collecting classic cars is often attributed to remarkable people. The same applies to those transporting such automobiles. Precise, careful and devoted bunch. This is the type of person and company a collector should work with.

Corsia Logistics has over a decade of experience in shipping classic cars. We specialize in high-end automobiles. Whether you need to ship your car from San Francisco to Los Angeles, or down to San Diego, we have got you covered. A classic car is a timeless treasure and our obligation is to treat it as such from pick-up to delivery.

The process of shipping a classic car

The process of finding an auto transport company for your classic automobile is easy when you know how it works. Here are the main steps that will help you feel more comfortable.

Quote comparison

Request several car shipping quotes and compare the prices. Keep in mind that companies that give you automated pricing are not always precise in their offers. Manual calculations on the other hand, are done by company representatives, not by computer calculators. They take into account every detail provided by you, including daily supply and demand fluctuations.

When you compare, we advise do not settle for the cheapest auto transport price. With very few exceptions, the lowest price means a long wait. And a higher risk of damage. Companies that give you a price below current market conditions usually bring nothing, but poor service. Choose wisely when it comes to price, but also think about the type of carrier you need.

Enclosed car transport is a preferred option by most collectors in California.

Open vs. enclosed trailer

You have two main options for transporting your classic car in California. Open auto transport is the standard method of shipping a vehicle, and it is widely used for all makes and models. These are open air trailers, usually with two levels to load up to ten automobiles. This makes the open carrier is a less expensive choice. Open transport is the most efficient and usually the faster option.

Because it can fit many cars at once on the same trailer this shipping method causes less pollution. Hence, it’s also the greener option. It is just fine for any type of vehicle – brand new automobiles are transported on open trailers across the country daily. Yet, when you transport a classic you might want to choose an enclosed carrier. One main downside of the open carrier is that it can expose your car to weather and road hazards.

Enclosed auto transport is usually the preferred option for classic automobiles. The biggest benefit of enclosed trailers is protection. They are fully covered, similar to a cargo trailer. An enclosed trailer is usually hard sided and completely shields the vehicle. Some of them could be soft sided, too. This keeps your car securely covered inside and prevents it from being affected by road debris or weather elements. Inside, the frame consists of special ramps to load and unload vehicles. Most enclosed trailers have hydraulic ramps to hold vehicles horizontally while loading. Such ramps also enable easy loading of low ground clearance vehicles.

The higher level of protection comes not only from the features of the trailers but also from the experience of the drivers. The drivers who operate enclosed trailers have more experience in handling high-end and classic automobiles. This is exactly because of the higher demand from such vehicle owners and the white glove service they require.

Covered auto transport carriers split into three main types of trailers: single level multi-car trailers, single-level single-car trailers and multi-level multi-car trailers. While they offer different type of efficiency and cost, they all fully protect your vehicle. The multi-car trailers are more efficient when you need to transport your car across a longer distance.

If you want to ship your classic Jaguar down the state, you can request a single enclosed trailer for your car only. Such carriers are booked for high-end cars or when expedited delivery is needed.

Preparing your classic car for shipping

Once you choose the conditions of your transportation, start prepping your car for the journey. Treat your car to a good wash. If you are going to the next show, clean everything spotless! If you are shipping a classic as a gift to your daughter, clean everything spotless twice! In both occasions, the car will be inspected by a critical pair of eyes – once by a female, the other time by thousands of spectators and other collectors.

Wash, polish, and wax the interior and exterior of your car. If you are also competing for a prize, you definitely need to make the car look stunning at the show. If you do more work prior to the shipping, you would be calmer before the show. When you opt for enclosed carriers, your car will be just the way you left it at pick-up. So you don’t have to worry about wiping dirt off or cleaning it all over again in the end.

Take detailed photos to document what your car looked like before shipment. Let the shipper know of any peculiarities with your car before shipping. This includes anything that might interfere with safe loading, transport, and unloading of your classic vehicle. For example, if your classic vehicle has a soft top, like the 1941 Lincoln Continental that we’ve transported, make a note of that and make sure it has been firmly secured and closed.

California car delivery – Enclosed car transport

Now that your vehicle has arrived, does it look like new? Don’t answer, it’s a trick question. No, it shouldn’t look that new because this will take away from its vintage charm. But yes, it does look like new because it enjoyed a calm relaxing ride in our enclosed car shipping trailer to its destination in California. Always inspect your car, especially when traveling to a show. Any marks and scratches should be noted with the driver at the point of delivery. Remember to always give feedback both to the driver on location and to the company. This helps us improve and move the industry forward. We are here to help you ship your car with peace of mind. Call us now.

The Golden state of golden cars

The classics culture in California is extremely diverse, especially in the southern regions. Some renown Californian classic car communities are those of Santa Barbara County, Monterey County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Diego County and even San Francisco County. Some of the most popular classic car collectors reside exactly in these areas. This region’s proximity to the Pacific Coast Highway makes it obligatory for them to own at least one classic to do a road trip with!

Some of the most memorable classic models were born here, too. The Lowrider. Should we say anything more? They are the most iconic genre of the SoCal culture. The 1964 Impala is the queen everyone wants to see sliding down the boulevard at sunset. This is why SoCal is a main hotbed for classics not only in the state, but in the whole country. Museums of Classics collections, auto shows of vintage automobiles, classic clubs on weekend canyon cruises… Southern California has it all! And even if you know it all, there is always some “new classic” that will surprise you. Very often classic car collectors from the state bring their cars together to charity shows and events, to support the local communities. One can always find something new among the familiar classics there. Whether it’s a Cadillac or a Buick, it will definitely be a golden surprise.

The Classic Auto Show in L.A.

There is no surprise that the first international edition of the Classic Auto Show, which is traditionally held in the UK, was held exactly in Los Angeles. SoCal is a region famous for its classics market not only in the US but in the whole world as well. The show’s official Grand Marshal was legendary iconic car collector, Bruce Meyer. He is also a member of the Classic Car Club of America and specifically the Southern California Region.

The show was home to over 1000 classic cars, some of which brought by regional clubs. The Sultans Car Club of Long Beach, Wild Bunch Car Club, Hot Paints Restorations, and the Road Kings of Burbank are only some of the Californian clubs which attended the show. Crazy names, huh? Well, they didn’t choose them for nothing. The show had a designated area for fifty unique classic cars which showcase the last hundred years of automotive history. Fifteen of these classics were owned by members of the CCCA-Southern California Region. One more sign for the extreme affection for classics in the Golden State.