Corsia Logistics Annual Scholarships

Corsia Logistics Annual Scholarship Opportunity

corsia scholarship

College is expensive, and Corsia wants to help. Beginning 2019, we will be awarding scholarships to students from across the US.

Why do we offer scholarships?

We are starting this scholarship project to support the most deserving students. We would like to recognize some of those who are working hard to prepare themselves to become part of the workforce of America. Being able to communicate well is one of the biggest assets a young person should work to acquire. Speaking and writing go hand in hand.

By offering this scholarship opportunity, we’re hoping to encourage students to develop and expand their business communication skill sets they can later apply in any field.

Writing is essential

Being able to communicate about various topics means being prepared for the real world out there. Everything is about selling; about honing your message and closing that deal, whether in person or in writing. In almost any type of business communication one must know not only how to talk, but how to write well too. Business writing is writing with purpose.

Our scholarship encourages students to write with purpose. The purpose is to inform, educate, and help readers choose the right service.

Nonetheless, writing for the web requires creativity. Being creative in any business is essential, and writing should always reflect that. Besides educating readers we want to entertain them. Nowadays, this is part of any and all businesses, and Corsia is not an exception. This means that we talk about more than just auto logistics. We listen to our customers and bring up topics they care to discuss.

Certainly being passionate abut what you write helps, but most of all it is hard work. So, no matter what topic you choose we want you to keep in mind that we want creative work. We expect a well-written essay based on automobile facts, logistics facts, facts from your last road trip or dream summer adventure, you name it.

The truth is it doesn’t really matter, as long as your creativity has been sparked and spilled on paper! It is about making a seemingly boring topic livelier by taking an innovating approach.Thus, we expect that you to pick one of the topics and spin it in an imaginative way that will entertain, and hopefully educate the reader.


All topics are automotive related, yet, we hope you will find something that interests you and could spark your creativity!

  1. America runs on doughnuts. Wrong, it runs on trucks. (Explore trucking and logistics in the US.)
  2. Traditions are not not what they were. Generation Y and Z likes to bike, not to drive.
  3. Would you buy that Tesla? Yes, that red one coming straight from the future. (Future technology in cars.)
  4. Collecting cars is a special kind of hobby. (Explore that passion. What cars would you collect?)
  5. Moving across the country means taking your car too. (Why do people move? How important is the car?)
  6. Hi-tech cars could be telling you how to drive. How does that challenge us as conscious beings?


Scholarship awards

We will award five students. Two will receive a scholarship of $500 each, and three will receive $250 each. We will also be sending at least ten restaurant gift certificates to all students we decide worked hard on their essays. The monetary awards will be received by mail via a company check.


  1. You must be a student currently enrolled full or part-time in college or a post-secondary career and technology school.
  2. We encourage all students who are passionate about the automotive industry to apply, as long as they feel writing is their thing.
  3. Minimum GPA of 2.5 is required. How well you are doing in school is important to us.
  4. Essay length should be a minimum of 1000, and up to 2000 words is great; not less and not more than that, please.


Submissions are accepted throughout the year until October 30th. During November and December we will be reading and evaluating every essay. Our goal is to choose the winners before Christmas.

We will publish all well written articles on our blog, with credit given to their authors. Special attention will, of course, be given to the winners.

We recommend that you review our blog and research major automotive and logistics publications such as Jalopnik, to help you with your research and direction. Once you submit your essay there is nothing else to do but wait. We will not be sending out emails confirming each submission. If you would like to confirm feel free to email us. Once we have the winners picked, they will receive an email confirming their winning place.

Please, keep in mind that you must be able to provide proof of college or university enrollment upon request. Also, you have to be enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States. Once you are ready to submit, or have any questions, please use our contact us form and we will be in touch with you, or send your submissions to vasi[at]

All well-written articles will be published online, so, we encourage you to spread the word. Invite your family and friends to share and like your essay page, once it is live. We wish all participants good luck. Thank you!